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Last Activity:
Oct 18, 2019 at 7:00 AM
Jun 9, 2008

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June 1



Misha was last seen:
Viewing thread Onyx Nether Drake, Oct 18, 2019 at 7:00 AM
    1. varsaigen
      you need to make an archon for that Gaia group. XD
    2. varsaigen
      lol, I heard about that. XD I look forward to it.
    3. varsaigen
      lol twilight archon. XD
    4. varsaigen
      meh, and Alakon has the same exact avatar as you. D;
    5. Lestat(br)
      man this was ownage killed me laughing! i was about to be on a challenge against him, it would be so ridiculous his models suck balls...
    6. Lestat(br)
      MAN! OF COURSE! he is completely a troll, but he thinks he is talented doing crappy icons and models and subitting them here, and he is always fuckin around with other users, he was pissing me off with my model, man i can stand him finnally someone whos agree with me! i would like him far from THW! lets do a social group about it.
    7. Sergeant Ray
      Sergeant Ray
      Stop repping me for no reason, damnit! I was kidding, I was never mad at you. I know you were joking, and I was to. I also know you are a man, I just make fun of you cause you have a female name, thats all. Now join me in chat?
    8. Zerox
      Well what kind of avatar do you want? I can try to make anything. I just need an idea of what you want.
    9. varsaigen
      lol anyway, I can't find a good pic of the archon. So, I'm going to take it as a "basic form of the protoss without legs". :P

      It's a shame there aren't many reference pics of them. D:
    10. varsaigen
      lol true. XD So... if two high templar merge, they form an archon. If two dark templar merge, they form a dark archon. A drak templar and a high templar merge to become a twilight archon. So, what hapenes when a dark archon and a archon ram into eachother? Oo Twilight protoss? XD
    11. varsaigen
      lol. and thee is another archon on the site. ;P Anarki. XD should make all 3 archom types. XD
    12. varsaigen
      XD read it backwards left to right. XD left to right is the only thing that wasn't backwards. But the sentences are. :P
    13. varsaigen
      Ahsim Nuda Orat Ne!
      Yadot uoy era woh? doog semuf amsalp eht era? uoy esufnoc t'nseod siht epoh I... lol
    14. Zombie
      Power overwhelming!
    15. varsaigen
      eh, true, but I also have Masiah's liver. I've had it for half a year and don't want to part with it. :P It makes a great mantle decoration. :P Yours on the other hand, wasn't as dramatic, so I could easily give it back. XD
    16. Joe-black-5
    17. varsaigen
      D= You copied my technique: ripping livers apart from those that eat me. :P I demand a refund!!! XD (and a proper trademark :P)
    18. SomeOneElse
      ich bin nich nur deutsch ;) ich kann auch noch russisch ;D
    19. Masiah
      En Taro Tassadar, Misha.
    20. varsaigen
      D= You wren't in chat.
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    June 1
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    A modeler


    [19-49-30] Misha: lol.. okay, whack me, but i again forgot how many frames make one second of animation in milkshape
    [19-49-50] Rao Dao Zao: 1440
    [19-50-08] Misha: lol that's a minute, i asked for a second
    [19-50-28] Rao Dao Zao: 24
    [19-50-38] Rao Dao Zao: That's what you get for asking the same question too many times.
    [19-50-41] Rao Dao Zao: Stock responses. :p
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