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Mar 5, 2021 at 8:08 AM
Jun 9, 2008

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June 1



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Mar 5, 2021 at 8:08 AM
    1. Zerox
      Thanks for the flowers. :P
    2. The_Silent
      Argh, that hurt... Thanks anyway, may i be the next Vlad Dracul
    3. dickxunder
      Aww not in a jokin mood, ok i get teh idea, I'll leave ye in peace coz we all have personal space and stuff... I'll be a jackass somwere else or do somting productive. I'm just having one of those free-time-spam urges again sawry, peace man... just doing this while browsing for inspiration. peace again.
    4. dickxunder
      XD lolz, spam a day avoids psychological breakthroughs!! =3 << (still half cock XP beeh! [<<epic retard])
    5. Joe-black-5
      comment mine :D i want to kow what you think
      and yours, i found all the ideas i need >:D to crush you
    6. Joe-black-5
      i mean Rep XD and one big gem
    7. Joe-black-5
      i got 50 gem :D
    8. TheBlooddancer
      Aww, thanks :3
    9. Joe-black-5
      Hello there, still banned ?
    10. TheBlooddancer
      Yah, but luckely i delivered my test just before i left. Im glad i wasnt stuck in school untill that.
    11. TheBlooddancer
      I dont know- i haven't been together with ill people, and i havent been outside getting cold.
    12. TheBlooddancer
      Im ill..
      I went home from school just now. :[
    13. TheBlooddancer
      I allways tought that it was for minimmods, and bold for mods, and bold with + for admins/directors.
    14. Alakon
      You know technically we aren't truly the natives. There were the Mori Oris before us, but we wiped 'em out so supposedly that makes us native. We were here before The White Folk though. :D

      To answer your question though, Maori culture is very actively pursued in NZ. As such, we learn how to weave baskets, catch fish with traditional methods, cook in traditional ways (which happen to make food taste good too), and very big on our ceremonies, which have unfortunately been bastardised a bit for things like our rugby teams and such. (When you see the All Blacks perform the haka at a rugby match.) But most of them aren't maori. My dad never taught me the maori language, as he thought maori culture was going to be dead in the next generation, before we had this whole saveour culture thing.

      I don't gather fruit lol, but I live in Mangaore Village, which is in a (very) rural area, and I have (own on another farmer's dairy farm) several cows and a number of sheep that I purchased a while back which give me good turn around. Always have plenty of milk too :D.

      I would say that bushcraft is something that most New Zealanders have, whether we have native blood or not, as we tend to have a love of outdoors, fishing and hunting. Personally, I don't give much weight to the fact I have native blood, I just wish we would all just be NZ'ers, it annoys me that having maori blood either gives you government preferential treatment (they pay for heaps of stuff), or your typical racism which is silly since I've never met a person that had more than half maori blood. I'm a halfcast.

      If you want to see a true Maori, don't watch any of our political channels, or the ones giving big speeches, they are what could be agreeably termed as the radical minority, they jump up and down about issue that the rest of us aren't that concerned about, and the people that still hold strongest to our roots don't either.

      I don't know too much about that side of it I spose, I don't really care about politics. 'Nuff said.
    15. sacridshadow
      Are you upset because I wouldn't delete the post?
    16. Zerox
      "hi =3 how goes the cuteness? ^.^"

      So I'm the cuteness now huh? LOL! Thanks I appriciate all the flowers.
    17. TheBlooddancer
      Why do you have a '+' after your name at 'Last visitors'?
      Isnt that for Minimods.. o.O
      -Hey wait!
    18. varsaigen
      windows Live
    19. Vercas
      Thank you =]
    20. UniEditXtreme
      I may need a few cinematics. Thats one of the few trigger things that have no clue about. And another modeler would help. You want those jobs?
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    June 1
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    A modeler


    [19-49-30] Misha: lol.. okay, whack me, but i again forgot how many frames make one second of animation in milkshape
    [19-49-50] Rao Dao Zao: 1440
    [19-50-08] Misha: lol that's a minute, i asked for a second
    [19-50-28] Rao Dao Zao: 24
    [19-50-38] Rao Dao Zao: That's what you get for asking the same question too many times.
    [19-50-41] Rao Dao Zao: Stock responses. :p
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