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Dec 10, 2019 at 7:31 PM
Jun 9, 2008

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June 1



Misha was last seen:
Dec 10, 2019 at 7:31 PM
    1. DPL
      You are a Freaky naga maniac :cgrin:
    2. Grog50
      hey i can comment you now! for awhile there was no visitor message box!
    3. Caeyra
      Thanks, that's very kind of you :D
    4. Zombie

      Gotcha. 2279th picture from the 2279th zombie as a gift for your 2279th VM.
    5. Caeyra
      Heh, thanks. I still have a lot to learn though. @_@
    6. Caeyra
      Never textured before what you've seen on here, but I've been drawing for as long as I can remember, and I've been into digital art for a few years now.
    7. Caeyra
    8. Zombie
    9. Firelord213
      It is said that Islam has about 120.000-124.000 (More or less) Prophets.
      That is because every group of humans have gotten one prophet each so it shall be fair.

      And one cannot be a muslim without loving & believing in Jesus as the Messiah either.
    10. Firelord213
      Lol xD

      I've only read like 65% of it xP (And it was a long time ago)
    11. Firelord213
      Great you seem to understand :D
      It is funny how The Quran contradicts with what they (The Terrorists) say.

      Btw, ''Jihad''.. Many people believe it's like ''Keel teh infiduls!!11''
      But no, There are many kinds of Jihad, Like the best Jihad for women is to do the Hajj (Go to Kaba, ''The building which looks like a black box).

      Jihad can also be if you Smoke and you stop smoking, Then that is Jihad (If you try your best).

      And in war it is only allowed if they attack you first.

      Hope I explained it well to you xP
    12. Keiji
      Oh o-Oh. Mr. Badass himself! :O
    13. Firelord213
      It's pretty much just a place where we muslims can identify eachother and maybe have some minor conversations in it.

      And if you have any other questions then no I will not be bothered if you ask them, I'll be more than happy to reply.
      My first guess was that you were going to Ask something related to Terrorism since many believe Islam is terrorism.

      Anyways I'm not easily offended so just ask :D
    14. Firelord213
      Eerie D:?
      (Define the word)
    15. Firelord213

      I didn't really understand your question to 100%

      Explain to me that your group.....

      My group what :P?
    16. Keiji
      Rawr, rep for dissagreement? I like.
    17. matmat01
      Did you mean I make the mechanism.. half transparent? I can do that.
    18. LsK_LaDyGaGa
      misha you gotta change ays ig it stills ays no ducks allwoed here =)!
    19. Interceptor
      Of course I can :P
    20. Zombie
      Yes, you are very fast indeed (15).
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  • About

    June 1
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    A modeler


    [19-49-30] Misha: lol.. okay, whack me, but i again forgot how many frames make one second of animation in milkshape
    [19-49-50] Rao Dao Zao: 1440
    [19-50-08] Misha: lol that's a minute, i asked for a second
    [19-50-28] Rao Dao Zao: 24
    [19-50-38] Rao Dao Zao: That's what you get for asking the same question too many times.
    [19-50-41] Rao Dao Zao: Stock responses. :p
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