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  • Miseracord, I see you're kinda in the Roman stuff... can I request that you make a Pikeman model based from the game "Tzar", check these pictures from it:
    5 and at least +4 reps to you, as soon as I can "spread them around". You make awesome models, keep up the good work!
    You should make some more models in a similar style to Judah :smile: I know I would use them, despite high file sizes
    Reputation (+1):
    (Post) Miseracord models are perhaps one of the best quality models I have seen. Big file size yes it may be, but quality is guranteed. If you want good models, find Miseracord.
    I've seen the "Judah2Sword2a" model and it looks really great, almost exactly like Arthas. Also I've been searching for the "Lich King" model, but the two i found don't look like what i need, so I wanted to ask you if you could fit Ner'zhul's helm to the "Judah2Sword2a" model. I've tried to find a model with Arthas+NZ Helm for months and i'm really desperate, so please, if you could do me that favour i would thank you forever. Sorry to bother, but i just thought you where the right person to ask. Thank you anyway for reading this.
    hey can i edit the skin of ur crusader model? I'm thinking of making a roman based map and that guy looks a lot like a roman, with the shield and and the skirt thing. I'll give credit of course.
    What kind of program do you use to make these models? BTw... your models are very cool looking and i hope to use atleast one of them in my upcoming map.
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