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    Hay Everyboaday!!!

    You are flaming yourself by acting like a mod's pet, and sounding extremely dumb.
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    How do i block my map?

    If your map is like DoTA in popularity, no one can claim that its your map. Well maybe, as DoTA has been pirated several times (including IceFrog)...but well...
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    Secret Project

    I need someone who can create an inventory system which you can quickly turn off and stuff, with a few categories such as Weapon, Boots, Armor, Helmet, Aid, etc,*along with a stats thing with a model, showing some stats. As well as someone who can create a combat system a bit like...
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    Its close to midnight! "In a corpse-shell...and though you fight to stay alive, your body...

    Its close to midnight! "In a corpse-shell...and though you fight to stay alive, your body starts to shiver...for no mere mortal can resist the evil, of the Thriller."
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    Hay Everyboaday!!!

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    "HaHA PWNT" LOL, :D this site really sucks if there is some weirdos being mod minions... I can still say what I want!!!
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    MJ is currently banned from saying RI's words. He meant that it is like dying in RuneScape to wake up to yourself.
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    Hint: The Hive is a distraction, so get banned to get slapped in the face to realize this (like dying in RuneScape), and only come to ask questions, download resources and the like.
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    Operating System Debate

    Of course it is ... I am being pmed by Ricardo in WC3C with the info.
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    Operating System Debate

    Ricardo Irving hired me to respond to people on this website, so here is his words: That is all Ricardo Irving intended me to copy...
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    Nid some story for my map

    Scientists invented a parasite in the year 2011, of which would kill hostile bacteria. However, once released to the public, it even killed friendly bacteria, and turning them into something which would turn the victim into a zombie. You are one of ten Operatives sent to cleanse the infected...
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    Hashtables and MUI

    I still don't get to why this is useful.
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    Name your worst nightmare?

    no one gets me, Michael Jackson? Beat it! Then.
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    most pathetic game you ever played

    Ninja Blade.
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    Hay Everyboaday!!!

    Thats some great 0IQ flaming there. Don't bans on this site wear off? One of the Seven Deadly Sins (Pride). Gilles won't be happy (he is a Christian). And I love how you couldn't think of anything better for your user title then Fucken Phoenix. He also told me to tell you that you are a bad...