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Last Activity:
Jun 1, 2019
Jun 22, 2007

Awarded Medals 2


Riverpaw Alpha

Mephestrial was last seen:
Jun 1, 2019
    1. Citymaker
      Mephestrial! Please contact me back.
    2. Greeksaga
      Im makin project(with your stuff) and if you interested....
    3. utror12
      Dude You are cooler than Hogger!!
    4. Mephestrial
      The small bits of the map you have shown me have decent quality to them, loved to see it finished.
    5. Citymaker
      Great work on models Meph, Check your priv messages. I have sent you small bit of the map i worked on
    6. HeroMaster
      se that page have gnoll models Model Resources - Wc3campaigns
    7. Derril
      Fantastic Models!!
      Although, could you maybe make some more Heros for the Gnolls?
    8. Malvodion
      Good work. I realy like you models.
    9. Chapin
      I have a request, i love you're gnoll buildings and i need an altar. Can you make one for me?
    10. Mephestrial
      I thought about using Vultures for air units, but I decided on hawks instead because vultures usually wait for carcasses to scavenge while hawks actually hunt down thier prey.
    11. varsaigen
      I just went through your group again (wish I could help) and I thought, seeing as they are simular to hyenas, wouldn't they be riding on vultures (a bird natural to the hyena territory) They can have the cannabalize ability. :P
    12. varsaigen
      I saw your Riverpaw Gnoll page. It looks good. Good luck on your campaign!

      And in my opinion, Gnolls are one of, if not THE most awesome race in Warcraft. Too bad they aren't in Starcraft 2. D:
    13. Viral
      im really new to making maps and still learning but all i gotta say is sweet job making the gnoll race it looks really good
    14. jijbentdik
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    Current Project:
    Journey of the Riverpaw
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    US East
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