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Last Activity:
Jun 1, 2019
Jun 22, 2007

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Riverpaw Alpha

Mephestrial was last seen:
Jun 1, 2019
    1. Mr.Goblin
      We should set our next meeting.. :D just tell me when you will be available
    2. Mr.Goblin
      k good, I'm finishing school at 5 so we will be at the same time.. so I will be there.
    3. Mr.Goblin
      Hey there mate! :D

      Just wondering, when are you avalable during the week or the week end? too see when we can meet each other on Skype.

      can't wait to see the finished version of the farm.
    4. Alagremm
    5. Alagremm
      Shivarra. But what about wrathguards - eredar who have been a bit devolutioned?
    6. Malcous
      Ok good :D
    7. Malcous
      Hey , will you make more ganarg models? :D
    8. Mephestrial
      I am working on my gnoll models, but I have to finish fixing the existing ones before I make any more.
    9. RockinArthas
      Ive been waiting for new Gnoll models for weeks. Please dont get bored on making gnolls, many of us like your gnolls! My only request is please fix the portraits of the other gnolls, iam actually using them for a Gnoll version Hero Wars!

      P.S : Iam only 14 years old actually......
    10. MogulKahn
      can u send me on my e-mail adrres?I dont care for approval!
    11. Mr.Goblin
      Hey there! Take a look at this please :D http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/map-development-202/1-loktar-ogar-155505/ we are curently looking for a modeler willing to make building models. With all your gnoll's buildings submissions, we tought you would like to be interrested. Since it's a warcraft2 related campaign we are looking for building reproductions.

      So if you are interrested to work with us.. just post a message in the thread saying you want to participate. If not send me a message telling you can't (I don't want to know the reasons why you can't), everybody can be busy or not motivated to make 3D models.... and I understand that.

      Have a nice day

      with my best regards.

    12. titus
      Hey man, I pm'ed you, but might as well give ya a shout too! Awesome work! I digg your gnolls and i'm super happy about a modeler filling out the icons for their submissions - this means lots for me. Thanks for being so awesome, please keep staying awesome =D
    13. MogulKahn
      Can u finish some of your gnoll models like geomancer or air unit(and some buildings 2)?I really need them and can u give me link for your map with gnolls?
    14. supertoinkz
      can I edit your tanker model?
      credits for you of course, I won't upload it,
    15. Topha
      I love the Gnoll models, keep up the good work :D
    16. Alagremm
      Interesting. Yeah, I just tried to play your map, but my WCIII crushed.
      Anyway good idea, simple but very smart.
    17. Kl3sk
      Well then, it didn't hurt to upload that screen-shot,now did it? ...Also , even if it is a melee map -WirlWind Citadels- should have more than a title and say it's something you created. It's like me advertising the new and improved notion of "candy" to Cadbury...*straight face*...Anyway, hoping your Gnoll map will appear anytime soon. Cheers!
    18. Mephestrial
      I'm actually working on a Gnoll melee map right now that I will be releasing to gather information on balancing them and deciding on abilities for my campaign.
    19. syltman
      How's the gnoll race going?
    20. sjinks2000
      nice gnoll models, wanna be friends on hiveworkshop???
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