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Last Activity:
Jun 1, 2019
Jun 22, 2007

Awarded Medals 2


Riverpaw Alpha

Mephestrial was last seen:
Jun 1, 2019
    1. Hail Storm
      Hail Storm
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, mate!! =)
    2. Hail Storm
      Hail Storm
      Hey mate. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! =)

      Hope you enjoyed christmas eve and christmas day and that you got a lot of gifts. ;)

      Oh yeah and, I'm still waiting for your reply so, hope you do, well anyways. =b

      Merry Christmas again mate and Happy New Year!! =)

      Best wishes and regards, Hail Storm
    3. Hail Storm
      Hail Storm
      Hey mate, I'm back! and I'm really glad to be back mate. =)

      See ya around and take care. ;)

      Hail Storm
    4. MogulKahn
      Any new gnoll models ? =D
    5. map designer
      map designer
      I am happy with your visit. I hope you have seen this when you came
    6. Orcnet
      hey man I'm here about your "Blizz-Like Melee Settings For Extra Race", is it okay if you can make me a Random, Human and Orc only choosing dialog with that template of yours? I'm kinda confused with your template, sorry hope you can help man :)
    7. Kam
    8. Kam
      The chaos tower portrait shows the birth animation and the refinery portrait shows the birth effects on top of the model in game.

      Edit: Thank you.
    9. Kam
      Ah there were 2 issues with the models.
    10. Kam
      Well if you do I have a request for a edit on your GilneasGunship.
    11. ashbringer753
      how is your campaign doing?
    12. ccjmk
      Hey there! just a little suggestion: imo Eagles are too "noble" for being Gnoll's aereal mount :P Have you considered using Vultures? a 2.4 scale Vulture critter seems to work pretty ok, for saving a custom model :P
    13. Kam
      Would you have time to edit another model for me?
    14. VeljkoM
      Excellent. Hope no more bugs leaks to annoy you.
    15. VeljkoM
      Sorry to disturb you but in your Race Choosing script AI can't use human. Works now for night elves though.
    16. VeljkoM
      Well AI functions normally though since there is slot for 1 AI per race AI can't use all 4 heroes (don't ask me why but one AI can use just 3 heroes). Though whats more serious is that when I chose night elves nothing happens.
    17. VeljkoM
      Thank you I'll test it right away.
    18. VeljkoM
      Hey I wanted to ask you about your Race Picking system? How to enable AI to use the custom race and custom AI? Or would I have to make separate riggers for that?
    19. Nichita_00
      Hey Mephestrial, would you like to help me in a project? I've noticed your talent in modelling buildings (and ships) and I would really appreciate your help! :D

      EDIT: I'll tell you more after you reply :o
    20. Drunken_Jackal
      Hey, would it be okay if I got the Custom Race selection in your Whirlwind island map? Ill give you proper credit for it. If not, do you know a tutorial for it?
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    Journey of the Riverpaw
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    US East
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