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    i've pm'd em and he's no longer interested in the model. if you're still interested in it i can give you the wip, it's in mdx, i use mdlvis

    i'm curious about something, you're the mechanical man on the bay12 forums too?
    Because it isn't guess >:) (I don't really remember xD). Well nope, it's a program that helps you animate a model with lip-synching from a sound file (don't know why they didn't use 3dsmax instead)
    [16-14-17] Mechanical Man: dođi vamo, smrdljivc jedan, sad da te sjebem kao pičku materinu


    Pa igrao sam, mapa je dobro odrađena, smao nisam kraj provalio u pećinama šta trebam da radim.
    Ima nekih tooltipova kojih treba da se srede, i mislim da Frigata, kako li se zove, nema portret.
    Znam da jedan brod nema protret.
    isto ima nekih par tooltipova da se srede.
    I naravn oda izbalansiraš čudovišta, one night elfove koji napadaju, unište mi bazu sve, i mogao bi da povećaš razdaljinu građevina da se grade malo dalje od komandnog centra.
    Did you upload the archer model LordPerenoldeII used in his WC1 campaign remake? i cant find it on hive.
    Lol I said the same thing to Hail and Reaper, what alternatives do you have in mind? They have been pissing me off, it went from 12 to 8 to 5.
    They are not such awesome though, it's not that hard to work with JNGP (unless they are not windows users, JNGP can be used only on windows)
    Change your friends. :goblin_yeah:

    The state about strings comes from Tirlititi, not me.
    I mean, he is a serious guy, i totally believe in him, but i've not tested myself, so i don't know that much about it.

    He also said that external strings are not concerned. (even if it is likely to bug on display)
    Since you're a gui users, external string are the litteral strings used with GUI.

    He has also talked about the string limit : 4099, i don't know what happens if you use a bigger size.
    You could ask him if you want to know more.
    But you know also other bugs that occur after loading game?
    Except the ones i've mentionned on the thread that you've read no, but that doesn't mean there are no other ones, i've just not played that much with saved games.

    Oh wait, you also can't use the index 8191 of an array variable, else you will make it unabled to be loaded.

    And there is also a problem with string.

    You can't use more than 1023 characters in a string, else you won't be able to load a saved game.
    hm, this is vjass and I don't work in vjass because I want the map to be compiled also in original WE.
    Why ?

    But with adding all those strings :/ it can grow very big
    The script size doesn't really matter, as long it's optimized with wc3mapoptimizer or something.

    and it's tedious to add all those strings

    So far I replied all GroupEnumUnitsOfType with different enuming or just using BJs GetUnitsOf... which don't require unittype as string, so far it works somehow.
    This is indeed the only other alternative.
    library UnitId2StringEx initializer init

    private hashtable HashT = InitHashtable()

    //! textmacro t_UnitId2StringEx_StoreString takes UNIT_RAWCODE
    call SaveStr(HashT,$UNIT_RAWCODE$,0,UnitId2String('$UNIT_RAWCODE$'))
    //! endtextmacro

    private function StoreStrings takes nothing returns nothing
    //! runtextmacro t_UnitId2StringEx_StoreString(" hpea ") // human peasant
    //! runtextmacro t_UnitId2StringEx_StoreString(" Hpal ") // human paladin
    // ... and so one

    function UnitId2StringEx takes integer unitId returns string
    return LoadStr(HashT,unitId,0)

    private function init takes nothing returns nothing
    call StoreStrings()

    A custom function.

    You still can store all used UnitId2String on map init in an hashtable, and then make a custom function which return the string stored in the hashtable.
    Since, afaik you can't save a game and then load a saved game on map init.

    Something like that :
    Well the only I can think of is the Polish-Lithuanian Winged Hussar, but it's more Polish than Lithuanian.
    A fine day to you my good sir!

    May I humbly assume you would like to partake in the Techtree Contest #6, seeing as how you take such a profound interest in its discussion? A fine gentleman with good standing like you are always welcome as a contestant! We eagerly await your most esteemed appearance.

    With best regards,
    Council of Unrivaled Noobs & Twits (C.U.N.T.)
    Oh okay... Well rejoin... I have removed some of my accounts as well.

    Public 01 - Enter this as the name, 085-091-095 and Soul or Zeal (I don't remember which xD) is the password.

    Soulstorm 01 - Enter this as the name, 081-664-605 and the same applies, password is Soul or Zeal.

    Join within the next week so I can let you in.

    <span style="font-size: 22px">[rainbow]GREETINGS

    Due to your prior interest and activity
    in our modeling contests and your
    active status, we would appreciate
    your opinions and input in choosing
    the next modeling contest theme!
    Just follow the link below.

    [c]<span style="font-size: 15px">Help us decide what our next modeling
    contest should be, make your voice
    heard and create a better contest for
    a better tomorrow!</span>
    <span style="font-size: 18px">
    You are in Soulstorm 01 already... The other one is 085-091-095 (Public 01) you have to enter the ID (that long list of numbers) as the name now. Pass is Zeal (I think) if not it's Soul

    Get Zombiye to join one...
    Dark Dwarves are still cool... Their siege weapons are great... The little spider bombs are very good at hit and run on buildings.

    Orcs are even more awesome, they have like 15-20 units.
    Lol k? And cool stuff... Wth do you mean?! There is so much cool stuff... I am particularly fond of Dark Dwarves Warhammer ripped Hellbore. There is some lame stuff too... Like Bats. xD
    Yeah it's a massive Warhammer rip but that's why I like it... Gauss and Reaper told me you loved this game lol.
    Are you referring to the Polish Hussar model...?
    The picture I uploaded was a BETA model before Animalpower change the details of what it should look like...
    Since there's no demand for it at the moment, I don't plan to upload that model...
    After all, the edit is too simple to be 'approve' by moderators...
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