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Mechanical Man
Last Activity:
Oct 19, 2020 at 8:16 PM
Jan 18, 2005

Awarded Medals 2


Mechanical Man

discreditation, disqualification, liquidation, from Kopar

Mechanical Man was last seen:
Oct 19, 2020 at 8:16 PM
    1. TDR
      yeah dude, repainting each frame separately. It's very tedious, that's why I have only the walk animation so far :P
    2. TDR
      wtf how do you know about that o_O? Are you a member at HC?
      Anyway, yes, I did everything 2D...the bow and arrows on the back are from the lizardman and I removed the ball & chain by over-painting on each frame.
    3. CMarket
      E, je l' znas zasto mi WE crashuje kada ucitam tvoj model onog Admirala Proudmora sa pistoljom? Uzeo sam ga u war3model editoru da mu skinem team color i sve je lepo radilo. Onda sam uzeo model i zamenio njime originalnog Proudmora i restartovao WE i da kliknem na admirala kada mi se zatvori WE i pise ono Send, Don't Send. Imas neku ideju kako da to popravim?
    4. Falconeye
      I'm mr. T and I'm a nightelf mohawk!
    5. NearbyHermit
      Yeah,I saw,hope you'll see the next match tomorrow!

      Pro TV emits it!
    6. Smrth
      vidi stvarno.. :)
    7. Mr. Bob
      Mr. Bob
      Here it is do far. I couldn't get it to you in chat, because you were afk apperently.

      Pastebin - The Hive Workshop - Warcraft 3 Maps, Icons, Spells, Tools, Tutorials, Skins, Models, Campaigns, Scenarios
    8. Lord Raszul
      Lord Raszul
      I'm sory for not answering for such a long time.
      I tried to download the game with the link you gave me, but it failed - there are no seeders to the torrent you linked - at least none i can find.

      if you could contact me via ICQ or Mail (raszul@gmx.net) then i could and would guve you the ftp-data to my homeserver so you could simply upload it directly to my pc...

      - Raszul
    9. Tyranid
      You could try one of the older ones like Shadow of the Horned Rat.
    10. Rebel-Turret
      Hi, Mechanical Man
    11. skrab
      great game i love it :D just there is one problem...i can't play it :'( my graphic card is too slow :'( :'( :'( :'(
    12. HorizonTal
      Retreating= Ritirarsi, Retreat= Ritirata
      Retiring=Andare in Pensione, Retirement= Pensione

      And I chose "Retiring" for my silly joke
    13. HappyTauren
      Ej mech, ti reche da koristish obichnog KNIGHTA u svojoj mapi, oces da ti ja napravim drugog? Samo mi reci neke detalje.
    14. Dionesiist
    15. Mechanical Man
      Mechanical Man
      Eu nu înţeleg limba romana
    16. Dionesiist
      Vorbiţi bă engleză!
    17. MasterHaosis
      Hey Mechanical Man what's up? Yuri will be proud!
      Ej sta kazes svidja ti se moja slika za Jugoslaviju u mom Albumu? I SLovenija je tamo hehe.
    18. CeDiL
      da :) Moldova :)
    19. LordOglog
      And what are you doing on my profile hmmm?
    20. Mr. Bob
      Mr. Bob
      I went ahead and gave some speech to the group about you working with me. Just so you know.

      So, I will start making buildings first.
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    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
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    Kirin Tor


    Why use JASS, when you can just use GUI.
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