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    1. Legal_Ease
      Ya, no worries. There is no rush. I added inner sight as a passive and I made the left-click work for 2 spells that can be switched. I made a intro screen too and other improvements. Check them out when you get a chance.

    2. Legal_Ease
    3. Legal_Ease

      I will upload soon. I added a skip cheat. Seems good. Just a few bugs. When I went to Tristram for the first time in this map, I surprised my self with how cool it looked. You don't hear the environmental sound and get the lighting until you actually play it. What time zone are you in? I will try to do it soon, it's probably late where you are?
    4. Legal_Ease
      Sure, no rush. Also, remember that it doesn't need to be MUI or anything fancy that might be accepted in the forum. I mean feel free to make it that quality if you want, but all I need are spells that work. You know more about DII than me so if you can think of any OE spells that would fit, let me know. The cinematic looks good and is a nice interlude. It will also be nice for a preview video when the map is released. I'm getting close to having the quests finished, but there will need to be a lot of testing because I'm just sort of sketching in the coding for now. It's hard to know if it all works. I need to put some skips/cheats in I guess. I'll upload it today so you can see. I do have a cinematic cheat. It's just "cinematic"
    5. Legal_Ease
      Ya, I am skipping the barracks. Seems like a lot of dungeon crawling and more monsters and pointless triggers. I'm trying to hit all the high points of Act I. I hope I am doing it justice.

      I finished most of the terrain. I will upload it soon to show you. Hey! Feel free to write spells for Andariel too if you want. I have no idea what she does. Some poison I guess. I watched some videos to research.

      I am making a cinematic interlude for when you go to the monastery. I will put a scroll of town portal in the cloister in case you need to get back to the camp. It's looking pretty nice though. It's just hard to test now that it has so many levels.

      I can't wait to see your spell. It's going to be cool, I can already tell. You are more of a Diablo fan then me already so I know it will be fitting.
    6. Legal_Ease
      I spent a long time getting the attack system to work, I really don't want tot change it. It would take another day. It's because the current system relies on the spell for cooldown so that's fin, but the attack cooldown is triggered.

      GUI Please! :)

      Wait, what does the DII Hp bar look like? I don't remember it having one. I only had the shareware version though.

      Hey, I made Tristram, the Monastery Gate, a Cloister room, the Jail. It's a nice break from working with systems. I skipped the Inifuss stuff by having the scroll where the moldy tome should be. Then Akara translates it (new combination btw) and you can go to tristram. Once thats over, Cain will come back with you and you can get the final quest. I'm just reading about this stuff online because my game ends with Blood Raven. So please, let me know if something is way off and I will try to watch a video or something. I'm trying to get to Andariel for the grand finally, but I'm skipping a lot. Like the Dark Wood and the passageway. Basically anything that is redundant.
    7. Legal_Ease
      Ya, He's the man. I had some break-throughs yesterday night! After playing with trackables for a while - it struck me. All I need is Player selects a unit. BOOM, fire a spell at triggering unit, re-select hero. It works like a charm. I added small red Hp bars too. Then I went about changing the attack system. I think I have it now, but it will need some tweaking today. The basic idea is that when the creep is in range and the smart order is given targeting the unit, then it will fire a targeted dummy spell at the unit. Before I was using warstomp to create the "miss" or "attacking-the-air" effect. That was not practical because it cause a lot of missing or attacking the wrong units. I think I will put the attack abilities in a disabled spellbook to hide them. I need to research this. Otherwise, the attack ability could be abused. SO ... now we can shot arrows on right-click and fire cold arrows on left-click. I also am thinking of changing the skill system to let the player choose one active targeted spell. This will be the left-click spell and the others will be available in a spells dummy, which will hold researches and inactive spells. Passive spells and spells with no target will be active on the hero. Now let's just see if I can code it.

      Any ideas on how the Hp bars should appear? I mean right now they are always "on" but maybe they should be hidden until an event and then only shown for a few seconds? What do you think? Spacebar?
    8. Roland
    9. Legal_Ease
      Double Post! ...sorry

      PurgeandFire just gave me a great suggestion for slow missile. The creeps need to have 2 identical attacks. Then the ones in range when slow missile is cast get an item that switches the creep's attack to attack 2, which will have a projectile speed of 1/3 normal.
    10. Legal_Ease
    11. Legal_Ease
      Beggars can't be choosers. I hate when I volunteer to do something and then the person asks me to change it a million times.

      I don't know what you mean about slow missiles. Feel free to rework War Cry is you want, I'm not very happy with it. But, I don't have a slow missile spell yet. Do you know if you can change the projectile speed by trigger? I will research it.

      To make a spell, just put it in a demo map with a creep. Most of my creeps have 5 - 30 hps. I can adjust damage later. Mostly just have fun making it look like Diablo. I am excited to see what you come up with.

      Are you going to work on the attack system? If not, I will keep trying to improve it. I am going to look into trackables too.

      Thanks again for the help!
    12. Legal_Ease
      Doesn't this guy look more like the quill rat?

      So to make slow missiles, a`ll you would need to do is change the projectile speed of the unit. This can be done in OE. A unit with slower projectiles could be switched out for the faster one and then back but I was hoping that this data could be changed in game with a small script. Of course, the missile is not a unit with a classification :P

      I can fix the click/A abuse just by disabling the trigger for "Int_Cooldown" just like how I do cooldowns with the smart attack.

      I'm going to make a throwing dagger item now! Thanks for reminding me!

      :( I like Bishibosh. I can increase the cooldown of the revive spell or reduce the number of shaman in the area, but I like the variety. I need bosses with some difference besides more hp and damage on attack. I will nerf him down though :(

      Specifics: First, I am super glad you want to help. So, thank you! Now for the details. I currently have attacks disabled for the hero. I have them triggered based on range and smart order/ or casting the dummy ability. The smart order casts the ability. The ability picks the unit closest to the front of the hero. This system is not great. If you could make a better one that would be good.

      Attack system requirements:
      To work with the map, an attack system would need to come in 2 flavors... melee and ranged. It would also need to rely on variables for attack range, attack speed (cooldown) and attack damage. Easy enough? Next, it would be great if the ranged attack did not order the hero to move during cooldown when the player spams the right-click. Also, it would be nice if the attacks both only target the target for the smart order. My system fails at this. It does not need to be MUI. Are you interested? If not, can you point me to a good system?

      Spells: Inner Sight, Slow Missile, Fire Arrow. Geez, I don't know. You are free to make what ever you like here. Just make an Amazon/Rogue fitting spell and I will use it.

      Final instructions:
      No need to rush. Just make sure you're having fun. I won't be upset if you never make anything, but if it will be fun for you, then I would really like to use whatever you come up with, I'm sure it will be great!
    13. Legal_Ease
      Wow man, you really got into it. Thanks for the great feedback. Some of the things were already on my list and I still have a bit more to do before releasing it. I'll address a few things here.

      I wasn't sure about arrow abilities. I'll change that.
      Mana potions do drop, I had the wrong model that's all. I fixed it now too.
      Hmmm, I like the music too. I haven't noticed it change. I'll try to queue it in a loop.
      The tome has 3 charges. I'll fix the tooltip.
      The ghouls had better matching colors, maybe the doom beasts would work better. I remember them having big claws and tales. Ghouls were good but no tale. QuilBeasts are more piggy like. Do you think the DoomBeast will fit?
      I want a trackables system that would be sweet. I asked KILLCIDE but I think he's too busy. Do you know about trackables? I could learn, I guess. I'm pretty fast at learning new things.
      Changing skill points might be tricky. Should I make it so you can spend more than 1 skill point per level? Then increase the levels of the attribute skills to like 20?
      Level-up resent mana and Hp. No problem. Forgot about that. Done.
      Increase bow damage. Got it!
      Slow Missiles ... ya, that would be a way better spell. I'm not really done with War Cry yet. I'm not sure what it should do. Would you know a JASS command for changing missile speed? Pretty sure there is no GUI for that.
      Increase gold drops, Got it! I have it set about 20% chance. Is 40% better?
      Something happened to the Cave. I opened my JNPG and it had a new loading menu and called itself UMS. I think I activated its UMSWE and it changed stuff. I know the triggers look different now. I can't really tell the difference besides that but I figure it has more features now. Oops. Noob mistake. I can go back through and re-adjust all the rock sizes ... udg.
      More speed! Got it.
      Arrow count increased to 100 and cost lowered to 20. I don't want 1 quiver to last the whole game so I don't want to go to 350, but I get your point.
      You actually have to press A then click to abuse. The attack systems are less than perfect. I think I might need help with this, or, I need to start from scratch. Do you know any systems that work this way? Would you be interested in helping me write any of this stuff?
      I put Bishibosh in the cold plains and added corpsefire to the cave.
      Bishibosh does raise fallen shaman. Try fighting him in the cold plains. It's abit unbalanced because he keeps raising other shaman and they raise fallen. I need to nerf that scene a bit.

      Ok, that's it. Thank you again for the input. I will started making changes already. Do you have any interest in writing an attack system or any spells. One thing I wanted was something that would allow a left-click to fire a spell while having right-click attack. Also, my attack system forces the Rogue to move in closer when she has the bow. I don't like this because it should stay ranged. But, when the attack is in cooldown 'smart' will give a move order. I also have a key movement system, but its not likely people will use this and they will definitely not prefer it. I really like the idea of on-hoover HP bars for creeps. I could just re-enable it, but it might be cool to make the hp bars red and not use one for the Rogue. This will only work with trackables. Any interest in do any coding for it? Also, if not, do you know any good systems I could implement or use as a example for an attack system? Or, slow missile or inner sight?
    14. Legal_Ease
      That's right. And sweet, thanks man!
    15. Legal_Ease
      Sisters to the Slaughter.w3x

      I've made enough progress that it is worth taking a look. I think I want to make trisham and the monestary, oh and ... a cow level, then I'm done.
    16. KILLCIDE
      I was typing out the triggers in the little box and accidently clicked Post Message :X I meant to edit it into my post.
    17. KILLCIDE
      Oh we posted our triggers at the same time xD i didn't see that you commented.
    18. KILLCIDE
      [ TRIGGER ]<text here>[ /TRIGGER ] just without the spaces.
      It is time I teach you noparse tags:
      [noparse][TRIGGER][/TRIGGER][/noparse] > [TRIGGER][/TRIGGER]
    19. Shar Dundred
      Shar Dundred
      No idea what you're talking about.
    20. PurgeandFire
      haha. people have asked me to remove it. But it is just so festive!
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