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    The Road of Destiny <I>

    wow :O please, translate it in english. and make it playable for 1.29 or 1.28 :3
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    tutorials in WE

    may you're right, but i think it's an easy way to understand the basics of each WE window, without spending much time trying to find the correct tutorial in wc3 websites. it could be possible without create a specific system in WE, making this through videos, images or in any another way.
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    tutorials in WE

    i think the coming WE patches (or reforged) should include several TUTORIAL series of each window of WE ("trigger window tutorial series", "AI window tutorial series", "vjass window tutorial series", "etc") and how to use each one of their triggers/commands/etc. adding an option that let you...
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    Warcraft III - Patch 1.31 PTR

    this PTR has a lot of new stuff, and a lot of new bugs too.
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    Warcraft 3 Patch 1.31

    omg i can't wait for Wc3 reforged, and i wish this patch could maintain my waiting for a long time.
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    "The Pathing Texture Pack"

    oh, thanks man. you were right.
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    Looking for Terrain Maker/Designer

    i'd recommend you to learn every mapping tutorial in this site. they'll show you all what you want.
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    "The Pathing Texture Pack"

    please, tell me what's the way to create these kind of .tga archives. i've tried to create a custom path with photoshop and "blp lab" but i'm failing. mi paths are shown with white color while they have others.
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    [Campaign] Malfurion's Quest

    you must find the wc3 folder in "documents". then you must create a subfolder there, named as "campaigns", to save custom campaigns you downloaded or created.
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    HiveWE - World Editor 0.6

    oh man, what a great apport :) but this guy gives a strange software that i can't obtain without being a manager or something alike :goblin_jawdrop: all of this just in order to use a program.
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    HiveWE - World Editor 0.6

    i have a openGL 3.3 support. does this mean i can't use hiveWE? :/ where could i find the v1.29 to download?? i'd recommend you to keep this version because the 1.30.2 sucks if you want to create jass scripts :/ please bring me your patch!
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    Warcraft III Color Tags And Linebreaks

    thanks for the info but... where in WE would i write all of these codes??
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    Arthas Campaign - Orc

    you're right, but cheats solve the cinematics bug sadly :/
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    Arthas Campaign - Orc

    yes, every character works well in 1.30.2. i think the only problem in this new patch is the cinematics when it's running. but i didn't notice another one.
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    Arthas Campaign - Orc

    yes, you were right. the cheat worked. now antoher problem appears in chapter 8 when arthas cross the portal and he stays there without moving. i think the real problem is the new wc3 patches which are bugging all. i hope you can fix the patch problems with your campaigns. but at least i enjoyed...