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    [Spell] A dummy that knock ups, blocks path, clickable, destroyable and can change pitch

    (Note: 1.26 and vJass/Jass) -> Use MemoryHack, so can change effects' rotation and etc. I need some help with creating a spell. I want a spell that creates a rock (dummy) in the target location. This rock knock-ups targets in the area. After this, this rock blocks path (3d), can be killed, is...
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    [Solved] Spell does not go on cd after immediate order

    My spellbook does not go on cd after I issue my unit immediate order "immolation". How can I fix this or go around this? If I don't issue this order, everything works fine. EDIT: Another question I have to how to make shared cooldown with the spells I add to the spellbook by triggers or maybe...
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    Relativistic Missiles [vJASS][LUA][GUI]

    I looking for help with two issues: (1) I have been trying to make a hook with this system for while, but I can't just make it work. There are two problems that I encounter: (a) the periodic inside the missile finishes faster than all links expire and (b) the only way I see to return is the hook...
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    [General] Can't transfer info to the Buff System

    I am using [vJASS] - Buff System and [vJASS] - Movespeed. With this, I am trying to create a slow buff. The problem is that I can't pass a real to the slow buff from the first time for some reason, and I can't understand what is the problem. In other words, percentBonus returns zero. library...
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    [General] Detect that unit is running away from the enemies

    Thanks, everyone for contributing. I will try to build something based on Dr Super Good's suggestion. I am thinking about using the Motion System for direction.
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    [General] Detect that unit is running away from the enemies

    I thought about this approach, but there are a couple of problems with it. I am creating a MOBA map, so choosing the enemy "leader" is very problematic. Sometimes it is better to focus range carry, and sometimes it is better to focus melee. In terms of the approach, if an enemy hero chases the...
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    [General] Detect that unit is running away from the enemies

    What is a good way to detect that the unit is running away from the enemy heroes?
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    [General] TimeStop that does not cancel channelling

    You are right, it does not work. Well, it actually stops the unit and does not interrupt the cast, but if the target clicks, then the spell is cancelled. I think this might be good enough? The problem is I can't "unpause" the unit. In the channelling system, how do you catch that the cast was...
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    [General] TimeStop that does not cancel channelling

    What about preventing orders? If this library can be fixed + Stopping unit from casting instant abilities solution for the instant cast, then it can work. However, I am not sure what the problem is with the library. What do you mean by channelling system?