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  • Yeah its bad assed :{D
    I only watched two movies though, the one before the werewolves and their latest. The latest left me wanting more though, but I loved it on 3D :{D

    And the Pandaren Brewmaster looks 1000000000000000x more badassed. Im sure Blizzard was high to change it.
    At Sunday School they were teaching how God created everything,
    including human beings. Little Johnny a child in the kindergarten
    class, seemed especially intent when they told him how Eve was
    created out of one of Adam's ribs.
    Later in the week his mother noticed him lying down as though
    he were ill, and said, "Johnny what is the matter?"
    Little Johnny responded, "I have a pain in my side. I think
    I'm going to have a wife."
    Sorry bro, my schedule is tremendously large.
    I haven't been online for a while and I will probably be verry inactive in the upcomming weeks.
    I am making money from them ^-^
    I get paid to test their games.

    Unless you're talking about Warcraft projects, which I sadly have no time for :<
    altering MPQ directly can cause some problems to WorldEditor
    is it fixed now? I bit I can send you an MPQ if you still have the problem.

    I also want to corrupt my MPQ as well, if you could help
    Your virus fault, that's why i'm confused and type your name in a wrong way...
    I know about this one. There were much more of such for example a pandaren in maievs mission of escort, and also 3 space orcs hidden at a campfire, but i don't remember where.
    Nothing much. work and stuff. currently don't know what map to continue. so many maps all incomplete. can't focus on one. hahaha

    How bout you? :D
    Well quite yeah. After passing my 2 last exams i will have vacations till october so diablo 3 won't be any problem :p
    hmmm....wouldn't wolf rider be sufficient? I made obsidien destroyer have unarmored armor type
    all have mages! this conflicts a bit with the "philosophy". Just the Undead have necromancer, since this is what it means to be Undead, i.e. he is the symbol of the dead, I guess
    Currently still studying. But yeah I agree that a lot of the experienced have left or become inactive. =(
    Muzzy Lane's games. They're a pretty good company :I
    I am not jealous of your exams. Mine were not too bad, it's the projects that are killing me.
    It turns out that in order to learn how to lead teams of game designers on projects, you need to actually lead teams of game designers on projects. Who knew. :x
    Well at school i met albos 100 diablo fans( thats becouse we have ordered the delivery at school :p)
    How about you go teach <span style="font-size: 9px">many of the</span> moderators how to answer questions quickly, rather than ignoring them until....laying 8<span style="font-size: 9px">(not standing 8 like this one)</span>
    well, its fine that it be here:
    save space of the limited 500 PMs :/
    everybody can see it...<span style="font-size: 9px">good advertising</span>
    well, if it is as long as the earth's circumference, it may be better if you send it through PM.

    so, I had the idea to change the attributes of :Dark Ranger, Ranger General, and Priestess of the Moon. The reasons are:
    well, I think it fits that give +2 strength to Dark Ranger and - 2 agility... Undead elf should be stronger, but less swift than a High elven one. That's my personal Taste.
    Give + 2 agility for Ranger General. I think she is too weak. I may also give her mage further upgrade so that he cast inner fire
    well, a night elf is swift... and she has tiger. How about +1 strength and 1 agility? fits huh?
    If it is not too hard, judge according to the philosophy.
    well... I have nothing to do with startcraft creature. and, by the way there is another secret in this mission.

    You can use the ballista to pass the Undead camp without a fight. Go through the woods to the very right of the map and reach the night elf camp safely, without a spill of any blood!!
    Well by me at school quite a lot of people are going to buy it. We have a large gaming comunity so we started t ospend money around the beggining of the year. Even some teachers had bought it.
    I am in the 4th grade, :cgrin:, and it is really hard because i need to study for a lot of tests and exams. I want to be a historian, but i am interested in geography, too, so i am taking both.
    And how do you do? Which university grade are you in?
    Yup, it's pretty tough for most of us. There's barely anyone who manages to finish their Bachelor studies in 4 years.
    Yeah, it was still back then. Mostly I just asked the occasional question in the old forum when I got really stuck in the early stages of map-making and didn't know how to do stuff. Some other members were really helpful and gave me the advice I needed to keep going. I think Hiveworkshop has continued that - I'd say it's the best community for Warcraft 3 custom content.
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