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May 9, 2020
Sep 18, 2007

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Apr 27, 1988 (Age: 32)


Doom Guard, Male, 32, from Serbia

MasterHaosis was last seen:
May 9, 2020
    1. Nillere
      Well, the last two days it's been raining constantly, but somehow the nights are awfully hot D:

      But I do kind of envy you, I love the high temperatures!
    2. fladdermasken
    3. KeepitMovinBaby
      Mine is over too :(
      School is back again,eh?
    4. Alireza Evil
      Alireza Evil
      MasterHoasis :cgrin:.
    5. Sin'dorei300
      Muahaha! Thank u!
      U're awesome, and u know it. :cgrin:
    6. Sin'dorei300
      Thank u Master!
      Blood elves, of course. :cgrin:
    7. morbent
      6. No no no you misunderstood me. I didn't mean agree with me on my Illidan interpretation, I meant agree with me on interpreting unfilled holes. Everybody does that except.. well, you apparently :cgrin: Because when there is a hole, or.. well not a hole cuz that sounds closer to plothole which it isn't... a... an unexplained something which no one says had to be explained, people usually fill it with something. Some people choose very lorewise fillings - like Illidan is mad and a Betrayer, others choose to think of Malfurion as the Betrayer and Illidan as the betrayed. Reasons? Well both have reasons. One protects Furion's point of view, who calls Illidan Betrayer, the other sees Illidan's point of view as the right one (.. in truth, it is I who was betrayed!). In no way is any of the 2 people contradicting with the Warcraft lore since none of them disregards something stated by Blizzard (the Betrayer title is not something given to Illidan by Blizzard directly, but by Blizzard characters, which do not speak of reality. In a game a character could tell you that Jesus is the saviour of everyone and everything but in truth the Plot Writers could have written that Satan is in their world, and that this character is trying to somehow fool the reader into believing the character. The reader can now choose to believe the character or make his own beliefs along the gameplay (say if he saw another character who is a good guy but also hails Satan and now the reader wonders who to pick - Satan or Jesus?). I was merely stating that most will agree with me on this ^, not about Illidan. About picking between Jesus and Satan, well, here it is subjective, as you said it :cgrin:
      7. I think it was the head, but I can't really recall. Besides, it could have been the heart or some deadly point... Ugh -.- It was believable, what I mean. I didn't question it during watching it, afterwards, perhaps, yea. But that makes it believable and also "could have been better". Still acceptable. I won't complain about stuff I like, I could complain against WoW lore which pisses me off AS I WATCH IT (for example, Warlords of Draenor cinematic).
      9. Yes they did want him to lose. But it wasn't a game like Mass Effect where you get to pick the story, they had to make one. And this was an epic finishing fight where the bad guy dies. Would you have rathered if Grom and Thrall died? It was like, the reader already wanted the bad guy dead and the heroes suffered so much already, if they had died it would have been disappointing. I think he should have died there. I will not argue that they wanted him dead though. Yes they did.
      10. Thank you for agreeing here.
    8. morbent
      1. Ok
      2. I just said that we can ignore the wronged lore (WoW here). Yes, that would be subjective, but much better. My interpretation of Illidan in Warcraft 3 lore is not ignoring it, neither disregarding it, I just see holes in which I CAN interpret and there I do. They never really said "Yea he is pure evil, here are the FACTS" so I can choose to interpret. If they had said that, I would not argue. In WoW lore they did say that and I was like "ok but this is crap and I'll just forget about it and not enjoy the story". I choose to ignore WoW lore since it is related to Warcraft lore. If there was only WoW lore I would not even like the story, meaning, I would ignore it all. So I am in no way contradicting with the real lore of Illidan. I am merely filling the holes with what I like. Everybody fills the holes with something. Some choose to follow a more strict order and leave them as "Illidan is mad and evil, and a betrayer as all say, so I will think of him as such" and fill these holes with him being mad and evil.. and.. a betrayer :cgrin: That would be you.
      3. As I said, it is a mistake, but it is ignorable since all games have it, and since technology doesn't yet allow us to have full coherence between gameplay and story. While this one could have been fixed, it wasn't, because that would remove some of the player's enjoyability. He would have to go killing off demons, which is pretty time consuming and lame, since the mission would have already ended. Just imagine it - the player goes to "Finish off" the demons when he knows there is nothing more to be seen from this mission. This would not be true gameplay. At least not a fun one.
      4. Ok ok, I was just trying to excuse it here, my bad. I agree it was very off and incoherent but try to understand it please. Gameplay is a no less important factor than story and cannot be sacrificed for story. They both have to sacrifice something in order to both be good. Gameplay will have waves, story will have ... well a good story. The good story might sometimes limit the gameplay but so will the gameplay limit the story.. with waves of mobs.
      5. Now you see, budget probably steps in here but I'd more likely say it was due to gameplay again. Imagine all these more missions, makes things slower and duller. More enjoyable for a die hard demon fan like you :cgrin: but for most players that would be just more things to kill off with the same story. If story to game time was 1:1 in as it is now, what you would have them do is have story to gameplaying time be like 1:4, which would just feel like nothing's happening. Again, gameplay is limiting story but for the fun factor. Look at it not in real time since it probably didn't happen in a few days as it is now. Because, what RTSs essentially are is faaaaaaaaar off from real time. Even though they say real time.. I mean, think of Age of Empires. No way a war would take just 5 hours to finish, or game time 4-5 days. I mean a huge war. It is.. well it's a game. You're supposed to interpret here. You're supposed to understand that what happens in a few hours for you might have been days or weeks or years game time wise. And I'm not talking about the little clock here, I'm talking logic wise. It DID happen as you wanted it to, the fact that they didn't show it is due to game limits... Think of Archimonde's attack, it didn't end so quickly probably. 2 hours, pff. It probably took days, imagine a bit dude. Imagine :cgrin: If you do not, then what you see is veeery far from Reality (since everything happens so much faster and wars are led by squads of 8-16 people), so you shouldn't judge it by reality factors. NO game has real time. Mention one please, and one not boring too.
    9. Misha
      trebao si da kazes 'Stripadzijo' :P
    10. Sin'dorei300
    11. Sin'dorei300
      Hi, dear Master!
      Please share ur opinion with us: Icon Contest #13 Theme Discussion. :)
    12. rcshaggy
      Hey Master Hasosis...

      You a master Oasis?
    13. morbent
      Regarding Mannoroth, yes I defended your point gameplaywise. But storywise it is fully possible for the outraged Mannoroth who thinks highly of himself to want a challenge vs the orcs, thinking he is immortal to let them fight him and to get 1 hitted in the head. That is, storywise. Getting an axe to the head kills you. He did not predict that probably. Regarding the infernals, I guess he just wanted to fight them 1v2, feeling like a boss, since a boss he is, but he miscalculated his enemies' strength.

      Also, how would my story look like? First of all, I am no writer. I have tried to skill up myself in reviewing stories, but writing them is many levels above this. Reviewing is easy, I can review artworks now pretty good, having known the rules I have been taught by professional artists and so on. Not saying I'm the best but I think I am much better than I am drawing those arts. Cuz that is what I suck at. You see, if I look at 2 artworks I can immediately tell you which one is more professional and why. But if they are both good I will not be able to draw either of them. And also, there are cases when 2 artworks are just both at a very similar level, that is when you need a professional Reviewer to review them.

      Still. What would I do you ask? With Blizzard's budget? First of all, hire the same old writers who wrote it before, not new ones. After that, hire professional new ones to make the story even better by enhancing the old writers' new story. After that review it myself personally as a reader for any plotholes the writers might have missed (although if they are true pros I doubt they will miss much). After that show the product to many people, like the working artists, modellers and so on. Ask them for their opinions. Look at now revealed plotholes. Ask the writers to fix them. Probably there will even be a person like you in the audience noticing incoherence between gameplay and story. Work out a way to fix the fixable ones.
      Now you might say this is a lot of work. It is. But it's not like they didn't have the time or the team they needed since they could always hire more people to make the work less. Do not even try to excuse them. It was a moneygrab and they were ignorant regarding their own lore, they forgot it and decided not to spent money and thinking (most importantly) in it. Perhaps they hired professional writers but the wrong ones.

      If it was up to me, to make the story all by myself, I would at least try to find writers to write it with, since writing alone and making quality products requires a lot of skill since you might miss on a lot of plotholes AAAAnd take a lot of time to write it. I cannot just tell you in a few sentences. It will take as much as time as it took those in Blizzard, probably even a lot more since I will be alone and unprofessional. I never claimed I can do better. I claimed they can do better.
      Instead, they chose not to care. They chose to be money grabbers.
    14. morbent
      Sorry I didn't reply. Had no Internet yesterday.

      And yes. Blizzard now doesn't know it's own lore since the previous creators have been changed and now new people who haven't even taken the time to analyze the story are writing bullshit. Example? Diablo 3's crappy lore, WoW's Lore, I won't go on. Grom, the character who they previously depicted as a defender of his clan, ready to sacrifice for the good of his people, stupid but good at heart for his own kind, betrays his wife in one crappy cinematic saying she wasn't strong enough. Although he valued strength he never would have done such a thing. Blizzard has turned into a money grabbing shit company that produces shit products and yea, they do not know their own lore, I thought it was obvious.
      I know it better, not perfect, but better, since I took the time to understand what the previous creators meant to say with their product, analyzed it and so on. The new ones we can obviously see do not even know what the fuck diablo is and created the bullshit league of legends style diablo 3.
      In fact, a lot of people would agree with me, it's different than your jail example. People who actually know what I'm talking about with Diablo 2 vs Diablo 3. Also, if the jailed man was actually right, some would see that and he would be unfairly imprisoned.
      Oh no no no, his Betrayed title is not the problem here. It was put in during Warcraft lore and it made sense, since he didn't claim himself the Betrayer. He actually says in one cinematic that "Betrayer... in truth, it is I who was betrayed". I am not complaining against his title put on him by Malfurion perhaps, I am complaining about WoW lore because it contradicts warcraft 3 lore. It wasn't written by the same people.
      I never wanted to change his Betrayer title I just agree with Illidan on this one about his title. It is like being known for being a nerd when in truth you're a cool guy (a real life example of a title gone wrong).
      Exactly! I chose not to follow Blizzard's story after Warcraft 3, their epic fall following WoW, Diablo 3, the new Moba shit, acting like copycats, etc. etc. Now I'm not saying WoW (to WOTLK) was a bad game, just that storywise it was.
      Oh no no, I am in truth saying to ignore ALL of the characters' lores after Warcraft 3. Think of Thrall who turned into some lazy prick who just storms shit, think of Grom who is now a pig, think of Illidan, think of Kael'Thas who turned evil to be a boss and so on.
      Regarding the gate, it is gameplay, we already argued here, gameplay is allowed to have "plotholes" since it's gameplay, not story. I mean, in the near future I hope more games will get accurate gameplay's to story but for now, we have to ignore it because it would be impossible to make these two truly coherent. As I said, every game I've known has gameplay to story incoherence, it is inevitable. While this killing off the demons problem could have been fixed, it's not that much of a big issue so it's ignorable, I'll say. Also, probably only lesser demons are still connected to the gates, or probably only these Demons were connected to the gate, for some unknown to the player reason. As I said, WAVES. Think of waves invasions, there is no better example, it is in EVERY fucking RTS and it is inevitable for now. Otherwise the mission would be very short and boring. Sure, it would be coherent with the story (if there was only but 1 wave or so) but it would be boring. And gameplay is about the player experiencing fun not from story, but from GAMEPLAY. So killing off all the demons was the better way for the player to experience fun. For you, it probably pissed you off since you want full coherence between story and gameplay, but as I told you, every game is like that and I just don't know how you handle all these games with gameplayplotholes.

      Ok, it seems we agree here on this thing - it is my private story. Yes it is! But a very similar private story is true for many other players. Why? Because WoW lore sucks ass! Many choose to ignore it, I am only trying to convince you to ignore it as well. Ok remember how Disney made Star Wars the Old Republic non canon? In the hearts of all SW fans it is still canon. No matter what Disney says. If SW7 has Mickey Mouse as Darth Sidious in it (I actually have high hopes not saying it will) everyone will ignore it right? No one will accept it as the truth. There is a point when a product is no longer owned by the owner as much as it is by the fans. If you choose to accept WoW lore then that is why we argue. I am merely trying to convince you to reject it, like so many have. Besides, the product wasn't created by the Blizzard today, it was created by the old Blizzard, so even the owner is different! The fact that he owns the product means nothing to me!
    15. Rao Dao Zao
      Rao Dao Zao
      It's probably a combination of SPACE MAGIC and LASERS.
    16. Nillere
      I wouldn't say I deserved the vacation. I actually wouldn't mind working a bit more :P

      And no, we're both from Denmark, but me being half french and her being francophile :P
      And yeah, same as you, the weather is incredibly hot. I can hardly wear a t-shirt for 5 minutes without sweating insanely!
      But 2-3 days a weeks is more than what I see my girlfriend. I do kind of envy you! :P

      And I'm happy for that too mate!
      I hope you'll have a fantastic summer with less heat than what you've got now :P
    17. MindWorX
      I JUST saw the email feature :P Please ignore my babbling :P
    18. MindWorX
      I was hoping you could just send it to the email which he used to register his account? I assume as a moderator you can see it?
    19. MindWorX
      Could you throw ENAleksey an email, tell him I've responded to his PM. It's been a while since he wrote, and I want to make sure he gets the help he needs. :)
    20. Senior
      ohhai :P
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