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May 9, 2020
Sep 18, 2007

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Apr 27, 1988 (Age: 32)


Doom Guard, Male, 32, from Serbia

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May 9, 2020
    1. morbent
    2. Splub
      MasterHaosis. :wcool:
    3. Shar Dundred
      Shar Dundred
      Not much, will most likely go and do some relaxing. ;)

      How about you, mate?
    4. Hell_Master
      Hey, how's it going there, fellow Master?
    5. Shar Dundred
      Shar Dundred
    6. TheLordOfChaos201
      but I'm so so so lazy.

      o well... I'll wait till I'm at a computer before I do anything special

      how are you? just wondering about your life because you've been so nice to me.
    7. BloodSoul
      Thanks for the happy birthday message! Have a nice day. :)
    8. morbent
      I'll try to clear this up high elves were many, after they fell fewer but still probably a lot since Arthas only passed through there not slay each and every one of them but they were still pretty destroyed. So they scattered. Kael was a leader and more and more guys started joining him, thus, his army growing large. In fact it was small but for a one leader it was pretty big. Like Illidan. It's not like.. a whole kingdom, but still an acceptably large amount of units.
    9. morbent
      9. No I mean that, the demon lord is dead, now the "villagers" are scattering. Like with any kingdom, say the king is dead, you've put on the crown, most will scatter. After time there might be a revolution or something (not from demons though) but that is for another quest. The quest "take over the kingdom" is finished and you can move forward to the next mission "against the revolution" not the quest "lets slay off the peasants who served the old king" The second one is just ... boring. And unnecessary in a game.
      Oo, you're talking about the demons coming afterwards the invasion, that will take a lot more time and was supposed to be covered in WoW. You see, Illidan's story stopped there. He took over Black Temple and now yea, basically, "relaxs" (rebuilds, works, etc.) for some time. You cannot instantly have the next mission be "counterattack by the demons who happened to unseal the gates in 1 day".
      10. They actually never meant for him to get killed but badly wounded, due to lack of budget couldn't show it although I am not really sure about this. Probably they excused themselves to revive him for WoW. Your point stands though. Arthas arthas arthas. Yea. It was a story about Arthas xD He was the main character you know? Yea I don't like Frodo or Harry Potter or those shit main chars but.. the story is about them.... unfortunately. Actually I rather like the fact that Illidan is a side-main character. Not as main as Arthas. It makes him more unique kinda...
      10. We cannot take points from Warcraft for not having those though. It would be unfair. It is like saying "why didn't pacman have better graphics or more to do in it?" this is fucking 2003! Lets judge a game in 2015, oh boy am I hater. Cuz in these years they CAN do something but don't. I mostly hate new games. While Warcraft 3 was an innovation, the BEst game in it's time, still stands until today (in fact we are discussing it TODAY, 12 years later), makes it a great game, I realize it has mistakes but I try not to hate-judge or be nitpicky since I realize this product was amazing and the fact that it still stands. I just cannot allow myself to be nitpicky. A recent good example would be Mad Max - amazing movie (or at least when you watch it in the cinema with high volume, it has the best effect), one of the best actions, very professional, YES the story sucks but I try not to be nitpicky. Picky yes. Just not over too much like, why did Mannoroth have 6k hp but die like a normal hero xD (just kidding man, just kidding :cgrin: , but you get my point).

      I think.. I think that, to wrap this up we should instead stop discussing it, because we made our points across, we agree on most things, all I'm trying to say is.. well it's my take on products. Now, no product (movie or game talking about here) is perfect, or at least I haven't found one perfect for me. But there are products that are so amazing I am willing to not hate their mistakes or get furious about their mistakes. Yes I do review their mistakes (in fact you showed me a new type of reviewing gameplay to story, which I hope will get even more coherent in time in the game making industry) but I try not to destroy my fun out of the product and not to disrespect what has been done. Did this product grab me the first time? The second? Maybe the fourth? Then it's just fucking amazing (2 times is enough I think). So I just cannot go judge what masters have made even though I see some flaws. I can review them but not.. well not judge them like that.

      So anyways, I .. expect a reply to what I said :cgrin: and lets really try to wrap this up, probably your reply will be like.. the finale (WITH THUNDER AND LIGHTNING) since these discussion really consume a lot of my time, and perhaps yours too, so I don't really want to.. take your time. You aren't in a summer vacation like me perhaps, can't waste your time..

      Also, I write too much. I am really sorry.
    10. morbent
      1. Ah yes, I did say you were right here.
      2. Plug in your headphones, increase the volume to max or very high at least, click these links (1080p fullscreen) and watch them:
      They are just awesome. Not in every aspect but awesome.
      3. Hah! Wrong way of thinking I say! Aim for the impossible, fail, but at least get closer to the impossible. Meaning, the perfect product. If they had not made Warcraft 3 but instead some crappy 2d sidescroller we would not be sitting here discussing this great game. Do you not love Warcraft 3? Isn't it a masterpiece? It is. We can sit here and complain about tiny aspects of it which failed but we cannot reach it's greatness, the two of us are just not that good. And while there's nothing wrong with reviewing we should acknowledge that it's a lot harder to be behind the desk, doing it. I think I said it earlier but, reviewing arts is one, drawing them another. And while I do not mean to say reviewing is easy, the pro levels of it are. The ultra pro ones, true reviewing aren't.
      They wanted an epic fight with Mannoroth and they made an AMAZING cinematic. We can nitpick it all we want, it is amazing. If they had skipped it due to "not possible" we would not even receive it and have nothing to complain about.
      4. Yea a trick, true. Better than killing him in game by hitting him with dmg and seeing his hp go low and after that just hearing a few words and a death animation.
      5. Would have been better, yes. That is why people progress, they see something "could have been better" and fix it next time. Make it better (although Blizzard degraded and if Warcraft IV ever appears it will be complete BS compared to III. Cheesy and shitty). Still, what Warcraft III offers is awesome.
      6. You mean you would have preferred if they cut out the cinematic and instead just let you kill him ingame? The cinematic is the reward dammit! You still beat him, now you just get to see the two heroes kill him.
      7. Another example where gameplay shows how off it is from story (not just for warcraft, all hero respawning games) is hero respawn. That should convince you to completely disregard gameplay in the matter of story and forget about stats and make it believable for you that Mannoroth got killed like any other hero by 2 other heroes.

      I meant that the missions would suck because he would be too weak and often die, making the player feel like he is no big deal. Having him like the BIG BOSS DUDE with 6k hp and 300 damage really makes you feel like "oh shit's getting real, I gotta win this mission". It is a natural human reaction to something OP (not the win part but feeling his immerse presence). If it was just a normal hero he would not be very noticeable, he would have lost character.
      7. No I mean that the enemy has already lost. The player expects the big screen saying "Tu tutututuuu! Next mission". But doesn't get it. He is told "yea go slay a few more demons for no fucking reason, just so we can waste your time and annoy you, you searching for them around the map even though you have obviously won". The mission part is over. It is won. No need to go slaying more demons. That part probably happened in real life, but is instead cut out. Just like with books or movies. These parts get cut out, they aren't needed really. They obviously happened, or were gonna happen so killing off all the demons by destroying the gate was a silly solution they went for. Still better than making me go kill more demons even though I've won. At the beginning of the map I am challenged. At the mid I am up on my nerves fighting perhaps and at the last moments I am probably winning but there is still something to be seen - what will happen. Will Kel'Thuzad die finally or escape? Will Mal'Ganis escape again the fucking asshole? See, some story usually happens. After that little story is finished there is no need to continue this mission. On to the next!
      8. Perhaps. But the story was about Arthas. They were supposed to focus on other characters and the world more in WoW, though they didn't... Ehem. Yea I would have liked to see some more characters too I guess. But that would make the story too loose, with no direction so I'm not sure if it would have been the right choice.
      9. Yea, exactly! Most mission are challenging, thus needed for the players to enjoy. After all, Warcraft 3 is not a story, it is a game. It is supposed to be fun to play not to watch. Want a more story based game? (Try visual novels xD) But seriously, try Mass Effect. Might like it. Might judge it too much like you do with War3. I can't know. Still, it's an amazing game. The first part is best for me though, best story.
    11. TheLordOfChaos201
      cool through the triggers
    12. Senior
      im fine i guess how are you yourself :|
    13. morbent
      6. No but, the problem is another one here. You see, finishing off an enemy that's lost is boring. Arthas missions, each moved the plot a bit and revelead more characters (lets take the Muradin mission for example) and also provided a good challenge for the player in which he could lose. It was about playing a map against bots who got stronger forces. See this? It is about gameplay. You play the maps and have fun playing the game. Even if lore wasn't moved much.
      Now with having finished the enemy's base and being told to go looking around the map for Demons to kill off is boring. There is no longer a challenge. You have already won but your victory is just delayed. There is no chance for those demons to kill you now, now that you have won. So it's boring. It destroys gameplay. The missions added to it, added maps, different challenges each time and some lore (while finishing off enemies provided none, but added up some annoyance level and boredom).
      On the way hunting the demon a lot of things happen, Jaina left him, he found Muradin, he met Kel'Thuzad, a lot actually happens, come on. And you get to see the world and what's happening, what the Scourge is doing to everyone (seeing massacres and all, if it was in 1 mission you just wouldn't feel it really).

      XForgotWhichPointThisIs. Yea it would have been cool to have some corrupted night elf missions and demon ones, I agree here. Too bad you didn't get to see your favouritte race man :/ Would have been cool.

      Z. Oh you meant that. Yes the demon missions were probably cut a bit short. Now I do not really now why, was it the fact that there wasn't much to happen (like in other missions as I mentioned you meet new characters and so on) or probably lack of budget? You can take points for this I guess. Still, an excusable mistake I am sure. The game had a lot of content for it's time, if they cut it short for no reason then I agree with you. If they had no time then I will not ask for more since it is pretty understandable. It is like, lets say witcher takes 1 week to fully finish and you're like "but they didn't expand on the swamps enough, the game should have taken 1 week and a day to finish". While you would be right since, say, the possible swamps (made up place) could be less developed, you would also be asking for a bit too much. That is, if it was cut short due to good reasons. They expanded on Outland in WoW just.. not as well.............................. ....... ............... Although the locations looked cool..

      Archimonde was killed extremely excusable, like, the characters didn't actually fight him, it was like Batman calling Superman to solve his problems (which never happened but, just an example). I prefer it when the characters solve the problems alone and fight them over by themselves, it just feels like they really did something remarkable. I think Mannoroth's death was better than Archimonde's, both not really believable. That is subjective though.

      Also, I would like to point out that I tried to give contrastatements against all your statements although I do agree with you on most points you made. I just try to continue arguing, pondering together with you so that we can find the problem or the solution. I try to find the best from the opposite side of what we think is right (when we do agree) in order to see the two points. So.. do not take me for a hater who just rejects everything you say, please :cgrin:
    14. morbent
      1. Oh I thought this was like a ... like an argument from you against me. As if "how could you say that Blizzard doesn't know their lore?" I guess it was kinda like catching sarcasm when there is none... But ok ok. "I can see things clearly now."

      2. Oh yea it was the head in Warlords of Draenor, my bad. Take into account the fact that they probably didn't have the budget for a longer and more realistic fight. I still think it's believable enough, and for the time was overbelievable considering that there were no such other cinematics, or even that long. So, mind that too. In reality (storywise) the fight probably took much longer and would make more sense. Imagine it written, not animated in 2003 or whenever it was heh. (12 fucking years ago?! Oh man, CG still can't keep up that well). Also, again, ignore Gameplay Logic and think Realistic logic. A fight is a fight. No such thing as chaos damage, just stronger attacks. But he could have missed? Also, he did hit Thrall and get him overstunned and overdamaged with 1 attack.

      3. Yea it's crap. But still, watch it. Lorewise while watching it I was pissed off but the cinematic is actually pretty good. It has good music, a... so-so fight (Mannoroth 8 misses and shooting instead of fighting which is kinda ultra weird) but, come on, Gul'Dan was made awesome. Just watch it. After the first few takes it starts to get cool once you start ignoring the crappy lore and just enjoying the good work of the artists, sound guys and so on.

      4. But you do not understand Haosis, in truth, he wasn't THAT op as he was gameplaywise. Those were just balancing issues. Gameplay is never true to lore! Accept that. Think of Mannoroth as THE character who is mortal like everyone else. The fight, truly wasn't as believable as it could have been but think of the time it was made in (which cut short the fight due to budget), do NOT think of gameplay (which had him stronger in order to balance the missions in which he appears) and just think realisticly. Was it possible for them to kill a big demon? Yes, they are professional fighters (or casters as goes for Thrall). Now imagine real life where there is no such things as dmg or hp or mana. Yes, the cinematic was supposed to represent that real life aspect but it was back in the days when it just wasn't possible. Think of how it would have been in a book. Believable yes? But somehow the game stats changes your opinion and makes you rage and think of Mannoroth as immortal, when truly, he is not. Perhaps I cannot convince you, and I do see your point. But you also should realize that this isn't such a huge mistake since it was possible, just not presented as well. Yes, they probably could have balanced the game otherwise and not make him look immortal ingame but.. the team of the game stats and the team of lore are 2 different ones.. you see, the writers probably had in mind that he will die and that he is mortal like any other demon just stronger. Killable though. The game guys decided he should be stronger in order not to die while you're playing because it would look dumb.. Or something of that sort, I don't know!
      Ok, so you would have fixed them in your map. But now imagine that as the campaign is going, one of the heroes dies and feels just easy to kill like any other hero. And that breaks the lore since you can't just go up to the commander of hell and kill him (Thrall and Grom went to him but he did not have his army) so.. gameplaywise they chose to buff him. I really don't see why you take on game stats so deeply, they are false. In every game they have been false. If they had made him weaker this would have created other problems for the creators, much bigger than what it is now... like the missions would suck.

      5. Oh ok, I was just clarifying here. Yea I know. Still, watch all the WoW cinematics, WOTLK one is pretty epic, cataclysm was good too.. mists too.. Warlords of draenor was the only one to piss me off as I was watching it due to my love for Grom but it is still ultra awesome as a piece of art and all that. Just watch them. Headphones, high sound, full screen, HQ. Ok? Please tell me you will. They are... Fucking amazing.
    15. TheLordOfChaos201
      Ha! thanks

      I need someone to leak check my map. can you help?

      it's not in fact leaks, but rather out of sync problems when playing lan. I don't know why it does. I need an expert to solve it.
    16. Sin'dorei300
      :cgrin:Time to vote: Icon Contest #13 New Theme Poll :cgrin:
    17. PrinceOfThaWest
      Klasika buraz, nije lose... Sljaka se, izlazi se, havarise se... Nema nista novo niti cudno pravo da ti kazem hahahah... Kod tebe buraz? :D
    18. fladdermasken
      Nope, I stole it from frostwhisper's gallery. :cgrin:
    19. Nillere
      Well, the last two days it's been raining constantly, but somehow the nights are awfully hot D:

      But I do kind of envy you, I love the high temperatures!
    20. fladdermasken
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