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Oct 23, 2020 at 8:44 PM
Sep 18, 2007

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Apr 27, 1988 (Age: 32)


Doom Guard, Male, 32, from Serbia

MasterHaosis was last seen:
Oct 23, 2020 at 8:44 PM
    1. Directive255
    2. Mecheon
      the one and only
    3. KeepitMovinBaby
      Haha,dont memorize it to much :p
      I also tought Your name is MasterOasis hahaha,memorize it easily,lol
    4. aaron
      i'm good, its been quite a while! this place seems so nostalgic to me now :D
    5. Directive255
      MasterHaosis, [IMG]
    6. morbent
      Haosis, tomorrow i'll go to my grandparents, village, no net. So, remind me after a week to read those.
    7. TheLordOfChaos201
      good enough reason.

      you know. my eye sight has improved. I squirted lemon and vinegar into my eyes. now my eyesight is better.

      I wanted super powers but better eye sight is good.
    8. TheLordOfChaos201
      why do you like me?
    9. morbent
      1. I doubt a succubus is more intelligent than me, she's just a bitch who knows nothing but lust and seduction. Doom guard - knowing spells doesn't make you intelligent, it could be natural, like Infernal Immolation. Satyrs are corrupted too and they aren't very smart. Kinda stupid, not as much as ghouls but still very stupid.
      2. There are no demon hunters actually, only 1 - Illidan. Don't look at Warcraft 3's RTS maps demon hunter, it's just a class for the players to play with since they didn't have more models. Don't look at melee maps lorewise please. They are for playing the game, not lore. Where else in the Campaign did you see Demon Hunters? Only Illidan is.
      But even if they did have the units, that would mean more maps and so on. Just accept that they were like the Satyr Mobs we fight in order to complete the mission, not a race. They didn't continue living as a society. They have no society --> they are not a playable race.. they are just Mobs.
      3. No, but I sure do know Illidan's story better than WoW Blizzard. I wasn't referring to Warcraft 3 Blizzard. They purposely left it unexplained here so we can interpret. Whoever finds a hole in a story doesn't know the story better than the writer just managed to see it better in some part of it. So you partially know Blood Elves better than they did or they just failed to make it better, but realized their mistake.
      I claimed that I completely know the story better, but WoWwise, I forgot to mention that. Diablo 2's characters and story? I know them better than the Diablo 3 writers did. Warcraft 3 characters? I know them better than the WoW writers. Than Blizzard. Sorry for that misunderstanding.
      4. -
      5. Titans? No man, you can be a self taught. Come on, lets not argue here, it's pointless. Of course you can find something new, make a new profession, be the first in something, same with class and new spells. Kael'Thas was the first Blood Mage. He used to be a Mage but made a variation of the Mage Class and founded the Blood Mage class. Rexxar? Supposedly (or at least the first we know of) person who tamed beasts with suck skill. He founded the Beastmaster class (probably). He learned a lot from the beasts, no, beasts don't tame other beasts. So he didn't learn taming from them. Yea he learned other stuff but there are stuff he founded himself.
      6. Do not look at strong units by stats, they are spellcasters, they can probably handle it differently. I'll bet it will take a lot of demonic energy to corrupt someone like Malfurion, so why not High Elves? They did get a little corrupted but they don't really consume it directly, they just use it (Illidan couldn't use the Skull of Gul'dan's power so he consumed it to do so - however, one can just use it as a great energy source. For example, it could be sacrificed in a ritual to get out all the energy and use it. It's like radiation - it can be used as an energy source or be consumed and you get corrupted. Or something of that sort)
      7. No it's not. Stop thinking so gameplay limited. They just couldn't make it, as he calls the beasts. He is a friggin beastmaster with no spells. He tamed those creatures and calls them. Or they walk alongside him.. uh.. come on, omg, imagine it as a real fight. Misha is the 1 companion who always walks with him and he can call any beast to help him, not only pigs and hawks, he also probably can call a goat, a sheep, whatever. And mid combat he does stuff like that, .. cuz the fights didn't actually lasts seconds and be fought by 10 units like in the game. Storywise you gotta think more scalish.
      8. Hhehe, yea but that's WoW. In Warcraft 3 they didn't do that. But seriously, a race of gay elves and hot girls, why wouldn't fashion be the first on their mind :cgrin:? Fuck survival, they gotta look stylish man.
      9. And I agreed. I just wasn't quite sure at first but you convinced me. Still, not a huge plothole in my opinion.
    10. MasterHaosis
      You can still be smart and be a slave, like Kel'Thuzad, Arthas, and all demons. They serve their masters but at least can think.
      yeah, exactly. They are startegist as well.
      but are completely turned.
      Kael for example just go corrupted slightly or so. Same with Illidan. But they still have their own will except they serve Kil Jaden, but with their will (Illidan even tried to trick Kil Jaden). Unlike Arthas who blindly follows anything, and went deep, soo deep.

      The mass demons are just like ghouls, can't think. Infernals and the like. But yes they are more powerful and alive.
      Ghoul is completely undead, it is revived dead corpse without much brain.
      All demons have more brain than Ghoul. Same with Abomination, multiple corpses into one. Necromancer for example, as well banshee are intelligent somehow since they are just corrupted and cursed.
      They cast complex abilities such as Cripple and possesion.
      So most of deons are blindly followers, but not revived dead bodies as Undeads mostly.

      I am not sure succubus are very smart, they are just dumb bitches. Doom guards and infernals are stupid, fel beasts too, so, mass is stupid so far.
      No, sucubbuses can manipulate others, those are not dumb. If she can mind control you, how then she is stupid? What are you or me then?
      Also, Doom Guards are generals mostly or captains in demonic armies. Remember that doom guard is only unit with multiple abilities. he has cripple, war stomp, dispel magic, resistant skin and rain of fire and can shoot into air.
      Plus Level 8.Only highly intelligent creature is capable of learning so many abilities, and complex ones such as cripple. (Nercomancers, Warlocks... they all have this ability but studied magics). Remember that doom guards are bosses also i nseveral missions. And sucubbuses as well. No boss is dumb. Even Ogre.
      Infernals yes, though Level 8, they are corrupted soul implanted into demonic rocks, so yeah he has limited intelligence, much as undead.

      Meh they were like satyrs, corrupted NEs. Or something of that sort - just corrupted of any race, we also had corrupted Furbolgs, can't pay attention to all of them. Besides, corrupted NEs are brainless, they have no heroes who can think, so no story.
      Also skeletons... One base created satyrs and corrupted treants, you forgot that. Yeah skeletons and treants are limited by intelligence.
      But Satyrs are intelligent, depends of type. You have Satyr Level 9 who can animate dead, Satyr level 5 has Unholy Aura, mana burn, raise dead, Satyr level 3 has shadowmeld so he can ambush and curse... So actually according to type of their magics they are not that dumb.
      Yo usee there is not jsut black and white, but grey too.
      There is low intelligence, decent, better intelligence and high intelligence.
      Low intelligences are units such as revived undead units (skeletons, ghouls, Abominations, Flesh Golems), summoned units mostly, constructs such as Rock golems and Infernals, lesser Voids, animals such as giant spiders, wolves, Fel beasts etc etc... And exception is Ogres. They are very dumb.
      Decent intelligence comes with any alive units, such as humans, orcs (although they also proved to be dumb, but less than Ogres), demonic foot troopers (Fel Guards, Low sucubbuses and decent voids and such), High/Blood elf troops, Ogre magis, Lords, Satyrs, draeneis etc etc..
      Better intelligence usually have spellcasters, night elves (even troops but they can ambush), satyrs level 9, dranei mages, demons from level 4/5 up to level 6/7, Ogre Lord level 11.
      Higher intelligence usually have heroes and creeps from Level 8 and above.
      And yeah, complicate units such as spell breakers with multiple abilities.
    11. JollyD
      hello there i am going on vacation for 10 days
    12. Mechanical Man
      Mechanical Man
      Evo u četvrtak biće opasno u mojom gradu. Dođe taj smrdljivi Hajduk.
    13. ~Nightmare
      Hello! How are you? :)
    14. Windrunner29

      how are you ?
    15. morbent
      1. Alright.
      2. You can still be smart and be a slave, like Kel'Thuzad, Arthas, and all demons. They serve their masters but at least can think.
      3. The mass demons are just like ghouls, can't think. Infernals and the like. But yes they are more powerful and alive.
      4. I am not sure succubus are very smart, they are just dumb bitches. Doom guards and infernals are stupid, fel beasts too, so, mass is stupid so far.
      5. No longer controlled, but yes created.
      6. Meh they were like satyrs, corrupted NEs. Or something of that sort - just corrupted of any race, we also had corrupted Furbolgs, can't pay attention to all of them. Besides, corrupted NEs are brainless, they have no heroes who can think, so no story.
      7. -
      8. Well I don't blame them since it wasn't a fail death, it was an epic part of the story. If he was killed off by a total noob and for no reason then I would be mad. But yea you have studied more demons.
      9. Same.
      10. Uhuh.
      11. Nope, it would take them too much time, as if they are writing 2 stories for the time of 1, as I said earlier.
      12. Alright, I agree here.
      13. Is that sarcasm :cgrin:? You know better story than Blizzard too - Blood Elf flags and so on.
      14. Well it did get explaind later on, but it was weird at first I agree.
      15. He did study it. He studied Mage class and later on founded himself the Blood Mage class. Rexxar founded the Beastmaster class himself. Studied it himself. You don't always need a teacher. Where does the first teacher come from?
      16. Perhaps.
      17. Not really, it doesn't go completely against what they are, they were kinda douche assholes. They preferred not to get their hands dirty but when they have no choice..
      18. Well we aren't sure about that, if they somehow master it? It is like eating bad food, you don't become bad yourself if you can handle it (vultures).
      19. Well take for example Rexxar's abilities - he summons bears and pigs. In reality he just calls them, it just is like a spell in the game. He isn't a spellcaster though.
      20. They were kinda gay.. so we never know. Probably fashion came first :cgrin:
      21. True.
      22. True.
      23. No that's different, they didn't break some rule there.. A rule is for example this: in art when you want contrast or something it's good to use red vs green in a painting. If you choose to use similar colors you can still make them contrasty with red and purple somehow. See? A broken rule, but broken well. Not like WoW. So blood elves changing clothes was a well broken rule, just not on time. It had to have been a bit later, when they joined Illidan.
      24. -
      25. -
      26. Yep.
    16. Splub
      Hehehehe. It is Yoy by the way. :wink:
    17. morbent
      18. Uh.. but I really wish we could at least try a different theme than cycle on this one like forever :x
      19. No man you don't get how it works. You can't write everything cuz that would mean having to write 2 stories for the time of 1. They did get it clear they wanna use Ner'Zhul, have Arthas become the lich king and so on. But not ALL the details. Example: I am to draw 1 painting for a day. And the next day another. I can have an unclear idea of what the next one will be but I cannot draw it today right? I might decide to change stuff, cut stuff. So it's only an idea, very raw. If it was to be finished that would mean just drawing both paintings on the first day. Which cannot be done. Just cannot. Try it. (I mean, of course it can, for paintings but for stories that take much longer, no). And it did have logical consequences - Ner'Zhul, Arthas, Illidan, and so on. Actually the idea of the blood elves was pretty cool. They now live as outcasts, have nowhere to go, no magic to drain so they gotta turn to darker methods or find a leader to lead them out of it - they chose to join Illidan who promised them that power (and he actually could do it in WoW so they chose right (however due to Blizzard wanting to turn him evil, he did not. It would have cost him nothing but he just lost some allies so that they could get 2 boss fights)). It wasn't the most original I don't know, but very cool. With the mana source needed and all. It is just the first remains man, chill. Not like the 1000th.
      20. So what if he came from his own? Are there certain rules for classes? Rexxar came from his own - he just beast mastered. Is he banned too? He doesn't actually have different spells yet, he just starts to form them. He is an apprentice Blood Mage, the first one. He couldn't have "studied it". So was the first Paladin, DK and so on. It is symbolical, they call themselves blood elves since they gotta use darker methods (blood and such) to sustain themselves. It's logical. They are no longer "high". They still look kinda like High Elves but chose the color red to be their main. Not a huge difference. They didn't turn undead or anything, didn't have all their culture made different. Just slight changes. Uh, and come on, it's an RTS. Probably it took them months to change clothes not a few days as we see in game. Don't rely on the game factor i told ya. And yea perhaps they shouldn't have changed appearance storywise, but think of it artwise - it's much cooler and different. So fuck the rules, they are there to be broken. It's a game, more art is always better.
      21. Well the transformation was something similar. After they ran away from Garithos I think they become BEs, cant recall really. Was it from the first mission? Then yea, they could have kept the High Elves a bit more I agree.
      22. It's not an easter egg, that's the worst part. It's real.
      23. Yes all of these you mentioned are afraid of facing the enemy 1v1 so they choose sneakier methods. Not saying it's wrong (with judge vs criminal for example) but it is the truth. I am a coward myself, I would probably fight like Kil'Jaeden if I had to so it's not a big deal. Just stating it as cowardice in bad guys always seems.. lesser. I don't know. As if they seem even more bastardly when they fight from behind (since the good guys don't backstab actually). But not only did they not have place for him to fight, I also think it's better since that makes him the different kind of bad guy - the backstabby plotting one. Nothing wrong with that, I just stated it.
      2x. Yea.
      xx. What I said yea.
      xz. I see nothing wrong with that, only the fact that they failed it. And they shouldn't have.
    18. morbent
      1. Oh not rapid fire.. I thought we were ending.
      2. Yea.
      3. Yes but my points stands. 8 vs 10 is not very far from 2 vs 10. It's still disbalanced, so following your logic it should all be 10 10 10
      4. Yea but the mass of undeads are not. That's what I said actually "Unlike Kel'Thuzad and Arthas" (leaders) the rest like ghouls are dumb minions. Oo demons? I didn't read demons I read undead xD heh. Yea same goes for demons though. Mass is stupid. (Same for Hitler btw, mass that followed him was dumb assholes)
      5. No they are the factor that caused it all, they are the hidden bad guy but in the game the real bad guys were the Undead. In the second part at least (where you complain about lack of demon missions since in RoC we got enough) It's only logical to have less demons in TFT after we had many in RoC. Even cinematics of demons!
      6. They are the same actually. Dumb mass, smart leaders.
      7. -
      8. "This is just the beginning" (Count Dooku voice) Demonlogist you are, yes you are. But Illidanologist you are not :cgrin: hehhe
      9. We knew what? That he would lose? We didn't before it happened..
      10. Yea it was a bad part on their side perhaps but they aimed higher than they could reach. Nothing wrong with that. People with ambitions. An ambitious amazing project with soul. I loved that. So I do not ask for more. I will, on their next game when they will have more money (but I got less then).
      11. I *will be back (sounds even more cliche and cool)
      12. Pretty good?! Pretty good?! AMAZING :cgrin: Find me better ones! If you can't then these get a 10/10. Or at least 9/10 (cuz there probably are better by now I dunno relly, haven't played all the games in the world). Until better ones come around, TEN!
      13. Play Mass Effect. JUST DO IT OK?! (from 1, not like many people from the third and then they say its crap when they dont know shit)
      14. Yea I guess but Sylvanas wasn't important until World of Warcraft when she truly founded her Undead army bitches. She was just a bitchy small enemy for Arthas like the Paladins he faced until then. And she reappeared a few times. I wish they had extended her character and made her undeads good or something, cuz she would keep her good (if she was good) soul and be like, good guys in bad guys form, not wanted by anyone. Would have been cool. Instead she just turned evil. Generic bitch.
      15. Well I don't know. I think we can say he was hiding in castle, if he has still disappeared.
      16. There are a few options: plothole, he just failed to do it, he just didn't care whether he'd do it or not or other. I choose 2/3 just not 1. When you have a chance to explain a tiny plothole for a product you like, I say go for it. Here we are offered that chance. It could have been a plothole or not. It's not really cleared out. Not as obvious as what a true plothole would be.
      17. Yea but they can obvioulsy willingly leave not "holes" (a hole is a contradiction to something, Arthas not killing them is "unexplained" not hole. Get that clear) but "unexplained" stuff. An example? Have you watched V for Vendetta? We never got to see the main character's face since he hid behind a mask the whole movie. Why did they do it? To make him faceless. To gives us the feel he is faceless. That he lives in all of us. It was a very good artistic choice, not a plothole, but an unexplained something.
    19. morbent
      Actually demons can still kill you for no reason, drug dealers only sell drugs and whoever wants to buy them buys it. I mean.. there is no forcing here. (well there is in some cases actually)

      Perhaps they wanted to extend Arthas' story later on. He got to beat everyone by consuming the dark powers and turning evil but his time of justice will come some time too, like Darth Vader - he was pretty op as Anakin and beat every jedi but in the end he lived a sad life as Darth Vader doing nothing all day and having no one to share with.. and also died in the end.. Uh. Perhaps Arthas was supposed to be extended like something like that. Differently of course.
    20. PrinceOfThaWest
      To tek... Pakao jebeni :(
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