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Last Activity:
Apr 6, 2014
Jan 18, 2008
Barcelona, Spain.


^What he said^, from Barcelona, Spain.

Masiah was last seen:
Apr 6, 2014
    1. Paladon
      Would you like to hide your rep for some days?^^
      Everyone in our group currently does ;)
    2. iSky
      aww thanks for the rep..yea its not easy to be red =)))))
    3. Huurka
      Hello there!
      I'm fine. How are you, then? :)
    4. Squiggy
      Btw I added you on msn
    5. Squiggy
    6. Misha
      Masiah, my dark group cannot exist without you, Owl lord =3
    7. terradont
      Sure, i've joined the forum as Terradont ;P
    8. Misha
      wanna check Otaku group? ^^
    9. varsaigen
      lol. it's fine. I've started watering it like a plant and couldn't stand the reek, so, I'm restoring it's condition XD ought to be good as new soon. XD
    10. varsaigen
      Masiah! =D Haven't seen ya in a while. Wassup?
    11. Huurka
      Your eyes are blue.
    12. Huurka
    13. Emilia
      Masiah? O.o
    14. Misha
      anything new? (check my albums and comment) ^^
    15. Misha
      Why hello Masiah =3
    16. Devine
      Whell ...
      from the very beginning of the site,
      he told me i would be a moderator and i was and still am .. on the old site -.-'.
      I have been asking for over a month now if he could make me moderator again.
      He always says: 'soon you'll be'. And this afternoon I entered the hive chat and i was greeted with the words 'Devine, you suck' and he told me i never visit tfgorpg anymore. But i was online there at that very moment. I also updated my model gallery a few days ago. I almost post every day. FFS i'm not kamica D:.
      So I told him i have had it with him and then i quotated the lil greeting he gave me in my sig. Then i made a goodbye thread ... wich is deleted now :/...
    17. Devine
      you? always, my friend.
      I'm sorry about the gathering thing.
      Wizard just used me :/
      thats how I feel.
      I have had it.
    18. Sergeant Ray
      Sergeant Ray
      I plan to do the same, if I can figure out how to use photoshop!
    19. Sergeant Ray
      Sergeant Ray
      You transfered your avatar!
    20. Misha
      En Taro Adun lord Masiah
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  • About

    Barcelona, Spain.
    Current Project:
    Life. Toughest game ever to be made, but it has the best graphics and the best gameplay in the world.
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Born in Russia.
    Living in Spain.
    Studying in Spain.
    Getting drunk in Spain.
    Having fun in Spain.
    Playing Warcraft 3 in Spain.
    Yeah, simple as that! :p

    General gaming, philosophy, literature, poetry, alcohol and good company.
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