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Last Activity:
Mar 9, 2018
Jun 24, 2009


Tsubaki :), from Hungary

Marsal was last seen:
Mar 9, 2018
    1. Reza_zahara
      18th years old already understand what is algorithm? Whaw,, that was very cool than i though
    2. Reza_zahara
      Are that code is increasing 20 points each learn Impaling Arrow skill??
    3. Reza_zahara
      In Impaling Arrow integer damage [IA], i want to change it to (2000 + (20 x hero level)). Then when I learning or increased this skill, it would increased by 20 points damage, for example (2000 + (40 x hero level ---> level 2 of Impaling Arrow skill))
    4. Reza_zahara
      How to make integer in Impaling Arrow, so the output in object editor is (2000 + (20 x hero level)). Then each learn this skill is increased by 20, example ((2000 + (20/40/60/80/100 x hero level)).. please explain by your self, because i dont understand when i go to the forum
    5. Reza_zahara
      I have problem when I paste your spell in Amazon Spellpack in my map. The problem is : What Init trigger is used when I copy to my map??
    6. Reza_zahara
      After i see your Amazon Spellpack, it so amazing, great!
      Can you teach me how to change Arrow Rain, Split Cold Arrow and Impaling Arrrow damage also distance.
      And then, for what Dummy Damage?
    7. Reza_zahara
      Ok, i know it.
      But if you have lot of time can you make it, please?
    8. Reza_zahara
      I understand what you mean, but to the point, do you accept or ignore my request?
    9. Reza_zahara
      Hello Marsal, introduce my self. My name is Reza. Indonesian people. I like your spell. Can you make 5 spell with triggers (not in Jazz) like the following spell :
      1. Flash Bolt (6 level - Bleach vs One Piece)
      2. Assasinate (5 level - Bleach vs One Piece)
      3. Flash Strike (5 level - Bleach vs One Piece)
      4. Senkei (5 level - Bleach vs One Piece)
      5. Homonka, Nigeki Kessatsu (5 level - Bleach vs One Piece)
    10. rysnt11
      Now just wait patiently and don't forget to ask wandering soul about your model request
      Have a great day!
    11. rysnt11
      They just sit, and never check the model workshop again...
      They didn't worked enough like you, you come to model workshop, post there, and check us, when is your model done
    12. rysnt11
      Soooo.... In fact you discarded all the old requests made by people so the new requests can be done instead of the ones that are waiting there since half a fuckin' year.
      in order to reply your message 'up' here...
      The previously worked model request will not be abandoned...
      Yours still being worked by wandering soul if i didn't wrong....
    13. Wandering Soul
      Wandering Soul
      Don't worry...
      I'm still working on your model...
      It will take a some time to finish it...
    14. Wandering Soul
      Wandering Soul
      I'm working on your model Whipping Sorrow...
      Currently making the skin for the model...
      After that will I attach bones to the model and animate it...
    15. tobyfat50
    16. Wandering Soul
      Wandering Soul
      About your model request Weeping Sorrow...

      1) Is the model an elf or a human? Because if it's an elf, I'll add pointed ears to it...

      2) Is the weapon a 'chain whip' with multiple head or a 'Cat o' Nine Tails'...?
    17. Admiral Jack
      Admiral Jack
      So is it a yes? I know you have a project..... ;-) Thanks For Accepting my invitation...
    18. Admiral Jack
      Admiral Jack
      Greetings Marsal,
      I have observe your Spells and its very good... really very good.. I decided to recruite you as our Trigger Maker/Lead Coder.... You are going to make, edit, modify, and bug fix Triggers/Jass/vJass for the project.... If possible we ask your little-little-little time for the project..... Though I do not expect that 100% of the effort you would be working for this project... We will give you time to make it....
      Our goal is to make 100% Epic maps for people to enjoy anytime they want. If you are asking, "What would I do?" You would just simply provide us with Triggers/Jass/vJass that needs to be edited, Made, configured, and BUG fix in our projects to be used in the Project.
      If you have any more questions, please fell free to Private Message / Visitor Message me. You would not regret in joining this project.I tell you my friend... :-) With your help it would be 100% Epic , 100% fun....

      For the Glory of the Hivest!!! :p

      Admiral Jack
    19. Wandering Soul
      Wandering Soul
      Regarding your request posted on =+=Model workshop=+= post, (Whipping Sorrow)...

      Is the Demon Hunter attack animation you're referring to is the spinning version (Attack - 2)...? If it is, can the Model Maker use the Sea Giant's 'Attack Slam' animation instead...?
    20. tobyfat50
      As a matter of fact I'm placing soul eater as nr 2 manga!
      Nothing to do with this discussion!

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    Current Project:
    Tales of Yrchian v2, Ancient Hero Arena(Temporary Dead), Crawling(Temporary Dead),Fun Force(Just Started)
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Night Elf
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    People should learn how to say "Thanks" and how to give rep to those who helped them.....
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