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    Thnx xD

    Thnx xD
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    Your Signature.

    Your Signature.
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    Stromgarde Units

    Is the paladin having a different, red book, instead of the regular brown one, or am I jut imagining?
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    Finished fasting. you?

    Finished fasting. you?
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    hi xD

    hi xD
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    Posting Tab of your profile gives quick search to all posts, but not to all threads created!

    Hello, in the old hive 2.0, there were two buttons to quick search from someone's profile: Find all posts by user. Find all threads started by this user. Can we have this feature back? now we only have one button.
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    Creating AI workflow

    Hello, as far as I know, setBuildUnit has one integer input and does not depend on difficulty, while setBuildUnitEx has 3 integer inputs, and the integer used will depend on game difficulty. you can see how each function work in the jass manual JASS Manual: API Browser - the answer is...
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    Pastebin link slightly modified,

    Hello, I noticed small change with the new hiveworkshop, and I wanted to put it in the record. Old pastebin link: New Link: the regular link seem to be gone ( and now...
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    LBGT / Trans / Other

    what killed me in the prev. vid is when she said "when Im cooking im female when I play football im boy" This seems very sexist to me, pretending that men cannot cook and women cannot play sports. Idiocy. I guess that is enough to dismiss trans movement. Difference between males and females are...
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    LBGT / Trans / Other

    I died from the level
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    Reforged Warcraft III Reforged - Community Feedback

    I think the map maker forgot to hide their score using triggers neutral players are not meant to be visible iirc, and such triggers exist in vanilla campaign.
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    What do you think of the difference between SC2 and WC3R?

    I thought this thread is to discuss gameplay difference and tactics used.
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    I kept the older version so that I get 50% bash on Nathan xD

    I kept the older version so that I get 50% bash on Nathan xD
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    Meat wagon cargo

    remove them from the game?