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map designer
Last Activity:
Nov 21, 2019 at 2:50 PM
May 2, 2011
July 6

map designer


d 5071 Mar 21, 2019

map designer was last seen:
Nov 21, 2019 at 2:50 PM
    1. Soul Reaver
      Soul Reaver
      Pretty busy nowadays. Planning a big trip at the end of the year, and trying to get hotels and transport sorted out. Don't have as much time for other things (like working on version 1.02 of To the Bitter End) as I'd like, but organizing the trip is pretty urgent, since some hotels are already booked out(!)

      What about you?
    2. DaBigwilliG
      hey man thanks got the one i was looking for :) btw u know any other campains that are really good played all of turno's
    3. Magtheridon96
    4. kari0003
      Thats really kind of you! I hope i can upload some resource real soon. For that time, i stay as a newcomer :D
    5. kari0003
      Welcome fellow stranger! How can I help you? :)
    6. sonofjay
      I'm giving the participants 3 weeks to work, and while the contest not start, you can now visualize or make a sketch of your map and gather resources.
    7. Metalbear
    8. Nationkid05
      hey dude hows it going? :) il be on gameranger tomo if u want to talk or play on ur map?
    9. sonofjay
      group contest
    10. Metalbear
      How about a give ya a bear hug(Friend request)? ^^
    11. MasterHaosis
      So, some Undeads, for example Crypt Lord, Hero can bring with himself those Crypt Fiends, and perhaps add some bugs. Sylvanas will bring banshees with her, and perhaps some new units for Forsaken. Lich can bring with him Necromanchers, and some cold based units, such as Skeletal Cold Marksman as base anti air units, and some units which have cold magic..... And so on.
      So each army and race should have at least one air unit for mass production, one basic anti air unit, at least one spellcaster plus support one which can heal.
      All orcs should for example have troll headhunter as anti air unit. Troll based army should replace troll head hunters for troll berserker which are stronger for same cost.
      yes I know, AI is problem, but you can let Ai to have standard army, and player to personalize it based on heroes.
    12. MasterHaosis
      Ah thanks for posting there in my thread, I will reply there later or tomorrow.

      About map... I like idea that you focused army on Heroes, like in first Undead mission, so if you chose Lich, you will have necromanchers,if you chose Sylvanas, you will have banshees and such....
      But I have to warn you about following thing. Some of races, for certain heroes simply do not have anti air units at all! So if you play with some orc, and do not have headhunters or any other AA unit, whoever has air units may attack you, you are not unable to defend yourself, except building base defenses. But in Field you cannot have them.
      Also, having army depends of Hero is nice idea, but you must to define standard units which are always here for some purposes. For example, Undeads all must have ghouls as basic units and wood collectors, one air unit, and it must be Gargoyle, and one support heal unit, it must be Statue, and one artillery, it must be meat wagon.
    13. Metalbear
      Ummm hi! I was looking about the map you were talking about which you made, annnnnd I cant seem to find it in your Resources, neither in About Me link. Can I get a link to check it out?
    14. MasterHaosis
      haha awesome! Go and post that :cgrin:
      Ah yes, I also need to comment out your map. I will, perhaps later at night.
      You want in PM or here?
    15. MasterHaosis
    16. ap0calypse
      You'd better!
      I only come online when I get a mail that someone PM'd me. So I'm mostly just replying to people who, for some reason, PM (or VM) me :D
    17. Pharaoh_
      Quote this post and check how it is done. I think you'll pretty much get the idea.
    18. MasterHaosis
      Oh Hello. Well, life is good, not best, but I will survive. I just had party, I am little drunk but it is nothing to me.
    19. MasterHaosis
      I played map :cgrin:
    20. leventopoulo
      Well, its like when watching a movie. A movie that has been critically panned by critics (aka rejected) doesn't get the attention needed...

      I would gladly be your lawyer! :D
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  • About

    July 6
    Current Project:
    Steel, Blood, and Glory.
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Silver Hand
    Books Books Books Books Books Books

    My map: SBG, Anime, Music, Warcraft III, wait... and calculus too


    Steel, Blood, and Glory is released!! click to see
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