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Nov 28, 2020 at 1:35 PM
May 2, 2011
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sorc invis revealed with gold Apr 8, 2020

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Nov 28, 2020 at 1:35 PM
    1. Siegfird
      Hello OMGIHaveSpectacularAura
    2. Map Designer
      Map Designer
      Demon Gate
      Hydromancer spells and custom hydro?
    3. Furiion52
      Soz for the late reply, thanks!
    4. Turnro
      Glad you like the new avatar :)
    5. Turnro
      Trust me. Mountain King is level 20, which makes Bash more powerful because he attacks faster, thus increasing the chances of Bash occurring.

      The Mountain King is still powerful, I think I remember reducing the cooldown of Avatar.
    6. Turnro
      At least it's more balanced than having a 50% chance to Bash in my opinion.
    7. Turnro
      In the old version it was, but then I changed it permanently to 20%, and made it so that only the damage dealt by Bash increases with each level.
    8. Turnro
      Doesn't matter in my view. Bash doesn't have close to 50% chance in my campaign anyway.

      Still, it is good to know how Blizzard made those spells work.
    9. Turnro
      Interesting... thanks :)
    10. looking_for_help
      glad you like my system. :)

      As mentioned in the documentation, the skills Life Drain and Finger of Dead don't work correctly with the system. Life Drain doesn't heal the caster and FoD doesn't explode units. So if you wan't to use these skills with the system, you should trigger them (which is quite easy).

      According to the damage: Yes, it is the armor-reduced damage. Unfortunatly nobody found a way untill now to get the unreduced damage of an attack. You might be able to do this with some armor detection system, but it won't be easy.

    11. deepstrasz
      It's no dwarf. It's actually a wizard from Disciples II.
    12. JollyD
      thanks for supporting HaK )
    13. Map Designer
      Map Designer
      Fountain first appeared in version 2.03q
      also saw some dooddad for warchief
      added commands in version 2.03 s
      date five seven
      2.03 s are to z are just testing for me
      as well as corpses
      Explain when u fixed corrupt night elf error UPGRADES 2.04e
      and balance corrupted trees 2.04f
      AND BLESSING keepr grove 2.04f others 2.04i

      when did u fix fire elemental problem after adding 2.04k

      2-Okay I just fixed the tech problem. I also balanced the cost of corrupted trees and other corrupted buildings. Furthermore, I fixed few issues with colours of dark wisps, making both them the demon hunter look purple just after the demon hunter comes. Lastly, I made well spring upgrade for all non-corrupted night elf heroes (warden, priestess, keeper)

      dont forget credit
    14. Daffa
      okay, tell me when you're done thinking :)
    15. Daffa
      what is the calculation you want, I can try to help you
    16. Daffa
      VERY interesting :P
    17. Daffa
      BOO! <caps>
    18. GreeN!X
      <Her? She's from an anime named chobits. :3
    19. Almia
      Nope, It is the Flesh Scorcher by -Grendel or also known as King Ra :D
    20. kari0003
      It's not uploaded by me, i made it with Frotty! :D

      This is the link of the map, and trust me, it's the best of this genre you can find around!
      It has very improved physics, automatic save system (no ugly codes to remember) and you build your own mazes during the game!
      Try it with your friends. You need some escapers, and a builder. The escapers will finish the standard mazes, and then get to the builder's mazes. Its awesome, i had a lot of fun with it.

      I'm glad to hear that you are processing well with your map bro!
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