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Jun 26, 2019
May 20, 2010


Occupational Nightmare

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Jun 26, 2019
    1. M0rbid
    2. M0rbid
      Thanks that you like the way I try to comment on terrains/icons, etc. and try to give feedback ;)
      It motivates me to keep it up!
    3. CMarket
      Just check my resources.
    4. M0rbid
      Lulz, your Rep-Comment sounds like I would be a god or pro or something :D

      Anyways, thank you for the rep.

      It's a pleasure to post in your thread, if you want some feedback after updating the terrain or creating a new one, feel free to contact me for a review ;)
    5. Licheus
      Glad to know that we have the same bisarr humour. ;D

      second PS: Why is there no map/resource from you on the Hive? :(
      Are you stalking me you bastard? O.o

      Actually I've been a map maker for something like four years now, yet I've never finished a map that, according to my standards, is good enough to share with the community. Maybe it's me who's trying to reach perfection at an insane level. ^_^

      PS. The purple text looked nice, but then again, that's my favourite colour. :)
    6. Licheus
      What is it with you germans always being map makers? ^_^

      About my heroic operation whn it comes to spellcheck your eventual map:
      Of course I'm willing to wait. Unlike the majority of the internet users, I'm gifted with a strange and rare thing called "patience". =D

      Cool thing that you're triggering I_brg_doom's map. When I looked at all the posts here about JASS, leaks and such "advanced" stuff that made me realize that obviously I'm pretty bad at triggering myself.

      PS. I'm from Sweden by the way. You know, the cold northen country containing just as cold people, beautiful women, Liches running around and so on. ;D
    7. Licheus
      Hehe, I'm not too seriouse as well, you can assume that the majority of my mumbo jumbo can be classified as "joking". ;-)

      I'm very happy that you asked me about the map thingie; your writing must be far over average already, but I hate it when the text of any map is poorly written (which can be easily done by misstake if you don't spellcheck), so I'd gladly participate in the literary lookover of your map. =)
    8. Licheus
      nobody want to give me +rep so it's not that hard to get a spree on me :P
      Hey! This is a great achievement from my point of view! How dare you say such a thing?!

      Haha, glad to have helped you with that gem my german friend, you're certainy worth it. Hopefully more people will realize it as well as time goes by. =)
    9. havard1993
      No problemo :)
    10. Licheus
      Hehe, it's okay with the rep thingie; hard to plan when you're only allowed to give a certain amount per day and have to "spread some around" before giving ot the same person.
    11. Licheus
      I think of General Frank a bit like a real general, hard but just. For me, he's like the hardcore moderator that spares no one. ^_^
    12. Licheus
      Yeah, General Frank must be one of the best modelers here, though he scares me a bit. :s
      I've actually used some of those neat orbs myself. =)

      Anyway; this one's one of my favourite models for some reason, please take a look at it.

      And here's a nice icon creator (I think he's inactive now). Maybe it's because he's acc name is Kelthuzad, but he's one of my favourites.
    13. Licheus
      Haha, funny isn't it; how The Hive can make a simple notification so interesting.

      I totally agree about the missiles.
    14. Licheus
      It's great that someone else liked that ice-missile as much as I did. ^_^

      Just because I have nothing better to do and because I think that you like to get the nice notification that you got a new visitor message just as much as I do:
      What do you think of the new lightning bolt missile? ;-)
    15. Licheus
      Haha, thanks to you. You'll soon make a rep-spree here. I'm having a hard time keeping up with you. ^^
    16. Licheus
      Sorry for the long wait, I didn't realized that I hadn't answered. ;-)

      Here's the deal with coloured text (I guess you mean at the hive, like coloured text in this post and not in World Editor or something like that). Just go advanced in your post and press the A-symbol at the upper top right to the Sizes scroll meny. Simple as that. ^_^
    17. Hemske
      Haha, you're welcome :)
    18. RaiN.
    19. Licheus
      Thanks for the kind words. ;-)
    20. Sephalo
      nice avatar lol
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