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  • Uploaded a new version to the spell workshop!
    Flux Jump now won't go through doodads etc.
    Also added effects to Overloaded Manipulation, as well as an animation for the caster to play. If it looks strange, let me know and I will change it. Note that you have to configure ANIM_INDEX according to the hero that will use the spell.
    Cool, I will add the extra effects you mentioned.
    The Flux Jump pathing thing can also be fixed easily.
    I will work on it today and it hopefully won't take long.
    No problem. Just let me know what effects you want when (and preferably the models) and I will add them. They will obviously been configurable like the rest.
    Okay, I discovered the problem. It was nothing to do with you - it was a strange issue with one of the systems that I was using (GroupTools) and it wasn't grouping nearby enemies properly.
    I uploaded the fixed version to the spell workshop.
    I'm very sorry for all the effort that you have been through (reinstalling etc). Hope the spells work well!
    Sorry I haven't replied; I'm busy with exams.
    You say they don't even work properly in the demo map? :O
    It must be your compiler or something. Are you using Vexorian's or Cohadar's one? If you don't know, go to JassHelper on the menu bar and see which one is ticked. If Vexorian's one is ticked, try with Cohadar's one.
    That's strange.
    Did you copy all of the required libraries correctly? Make sure you read the Readme trigger to see how to import everything correctly.
    If the spells break, please tell me exactly what happens. I.e. do any effects appear?
    Hmmm, that's not good.
    The map does save correctly, I assume?
    Which version of JNGP do you have? 5e?
    Done with your request. Check my spell workshop for the map.
    I didn't do anything too fancy with the effects. Let me know if you want me to add something.
    Haha, South Africa!
    Just curious. Wanted to know where else people say "cheers". :D
    Hello! I am starting with your spell pack that you requested via PM.
    Just a question about Flux Pull:

    Pulls all enemy units within an AoE (modifiable) to the caster, damaging and stunning them (damage and stun time modifiable)
    When do the enemies get stunned? While they are pulled? Or when they are close to the caster?
    Also, is it channeling or can the caster walk around while it's going?
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