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Dec 4, 2018
Apr 30, 2010
July 24


life ain't joke, from Malaysia!!!

makai was last seen:
Dec 4, 2018
    1. defskull
      nama kau kt steam apa ?
      aku dah lama tak tgk website ni lol...
      lenjan dota2 je..

      ah tgk lah aku nak refresh otak aku balik nanti, lama gak la tinggal triggering ni, tapi system ko mintak tu aku agak paham la, acah2 HoN punya skill
    2. GreeN!X
      Great then. That makes things a lot more easier
    3. GreeN!X
      BTW, you may need to use JNGP so that you can transfer abilities fast. I already have 40+ abilities. If you're not using JNGP, you may have to transfer them one by one. :/
    4. GreeN!X
      This is harder than I though. Would you mind if a buff or two appears on every unit by default? And just for clarification, the bonuses can/will be applied on ALL units right?
    5. GreeN!X
      Alright then, I'll be finishing it tomorrow or the day after. ^^
    6. GreeN!X
      Dodge is really hard to replicate man.. I end up giving up but just try again the next day. I'll try again today though, it's the only thing holding me down.
    7. Nichilus
    8. Nichilus
      Yes it is.
      For example "GetTriggerUnit()" is triggering unit, "GetEnumUnit()" is picked unit and so on.
      The custom script would look like this:
      Custom script: call SetUnitAnimationByIndex(GetTriggerUnit(), 1)
      note that the "udg_" prefix is only used when you refer to variable.

      though for efficiency if you use 2 or more actions for one unit, it's better to save the unit into variable and use the variable instead.
      e.g.: Instead of this:
      Unit - Change color of (Triggering unit) to Red
      Unit - Set life of (Triggering unit) to 20.00
      Unit - Set mana of (Triggering unit) to 60.00

      It is more efficient to do this:
      Set unit_var = (Triggering unit)
      Unit - Change color of unit_var to Red
      Unit - Set life of unit_var to 20.00
      Unit - Set mana of unit_var to 60.00
      Because (Triggering unit) and all similar units ( (Picked unit), (Damage Source) , and practically everything which is inside ( ) brackets is function call).
    9. yuganeigii
      seems like there are a few more people who knows ragnarok :D
    10. GreeN!X
      Makai, sorry but I think your request will be a bit delayed. Things has been going out of whack lately so I won't be able to make your request in a while. Sumimasen. :/
    11. Adiktuz
      well, I cannot really... sorry
    12. Aeroblyctos
      It means I must change my avatar immediately!
    13. sonofjay
      I think you should decide on that, you know the backbone of the project more than me.
    14. tobyfat50
      Yeah you can count on me for help!
    15. GreeN!X
      Yeap, autocast abilities are considered as spells when they are cast manually but is counted as normal/physical attacks when used as autocast.

      You can detect if an attack has an enhancer from the autocast spell, using a DDS, when a damage is dealt, check if the unit has the autocast buff then do you actions. After that, remove the autocast buff immediately after. :)

      You could also refer to this thread: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/world-editor-help-zone-98/autocast-attack-enhancer-detect-240119/

      And this tutorial for non-arrow autocast spells:
    16. Malhorne
      Try Jad KB3D :)
    17. GreeN!X
      You usually just need variables...
      ...to make spells MUI
      ...for leak removal (leaks can slow down your PC and may cause desyncs); and
      ...for easy reference (you only have to set refer anything to the variable)

      But for leakless and simple things, no you don't need variables. :)
    18. GreeN!X
      Go to the sound editor, select the sound you want, Press the "Use as Sound" button (Ctrl + U). Your sound will then appear on the right part of the editor.

      Now go to the trigger editor then use one of these trigger action to play your sound. :)
      Sound - Play No sound
      Sound - Play No sound at 100.00% volume, located at (Center of (Playable map area)) with Z offset 0.00
      Sound - Play No sound at 100.00% volume, attached to No unit
      Sound - Play No sound at 100.00% volume, skipping the first 0.00 seconds
      Sound - Destroy No sound

      I don't know if it's necessary but you should destroy the sound after playing. ^^
      This manner of playing will cause the sound to play all throughout the map unless you're using 3D sounds.

      How to play sounds as 3D sounds? That I do not know. ^^'
    19. GreeN!X
      LOL, okay. If you need help. Just ask anybody in the spell workshop. ^^
    20. Drunken_Jackal
      Sure. I'd love to do some collaboration. Just make sure to finish the map and show us progress of it from time to time.
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    July 24
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    i am worgen



    DOTA or LoL.. hurmm..
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