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    Quick note to the WoW players

    Atleast its not like Worgen or Murloc
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    Is Darky working on anything right now?

    Yup..and DOTF looked so awesome..stupid gaming addictions....wait...
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    Live-Action Warcraft Movie Coming to Big Screen

    I'm afraid that it will be also afraid that it will be good..if its good it will spawn a terrible sequal
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    Quick note to the WoW players

    *phew* Man I was worried it would be lame like Murloc or Worgen. Thank you Blizzard! Also most of the pictures don't work...only the last two do.
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    Lol Olof if this is also goin on Torch's map he is going to be so pissed.
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    Wow! looks realy cool! i don't know a good use for it but its so awesome i need to give it a 5/5
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    map enlarging

    Scenario-Size and Camera Bounds you can make it as big as you want
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    What do u like better WoW or G.W.

    Hmm i hate both games but if i had to choose i would pick GW
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    how many weeks have it been!

    There is a...point to this topic?
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    We have more than 10000 users registed

    Its good that the popularity is growing but if you look over half the members never posted once or are banned. Also some belong to the same person by remaking after they are banned. Hopefuly someday atleast 40% of the member will be active.
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    My Sweet Satan...

    I dont think Ozzy need to backmask his satanistic messages are clear the forward way. And Nsync?? Artist?? sure you got the right band there? lol
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    My Sweet Satan...

    I can deffinatly belive the Britiny Spears one
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    Warhammer 40,000

    Real Orcs=DnD orcs Real Life Orcs=The non existant kind :P
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    Nice work man! A padawan modeler lol :wink: 5/5 Looks just like him
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    The 10 Commandments of

    What about stealing from other games?