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Sep 6, 2018
Dec 20, 2009

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Defender of Sith

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Sep 6, 2018
    1. morbent
      (my bros laptop doesnt ave _ and _)

      ey morbid can I ask you one tin? about skins? ow do I make transparency (not clear brus) wic could work like IMPs transparency - so tat I can make skin transparency for war3. Cuz I usually make it wit IMP but it takes waaay too muc time :\ so I tout you mit know.
    2. Orcnet
      your resources are coming back, and nice comeback! when will the skins come in too? :)
    3. morbent
      Horrendous xD? Which is horrendous exactly :D?

      Yeah I know, BD really judges well when it comes to resources but it's a bit... cruel I'd say :D I mean like - a person's first resource simply can't be satisfying (sometimes even his 20th resource isn't, for example: my resources :]) but aa... you shouldn't go so hard on first/second resources. I mean, 67chrome approved my Sphinx skin! LIKE! WOW :D Even though it was the worst of all my 4 skins xD 67chrome is a good person.

      Oh, well about your last sentence, I guess you must be busy.. with life stuff :/ what do you work actually - some game artist or something of that sort? Well, it's none of my business anyway :) Enjoy your temporary stay here!
    4. Cakedog345
      Glad to see your resources back to their place! :)
      I hope you're back!
    5. morbent
      O so Im not tat late! :D ell M0rbid I missed you :P not tat we talked tat muc, I dont even know you tat well to call you a friend or a contact (if tats te word) but it was kinda borin wit only one icon mod (active) around ere. And BD is even more criticizing (I found a g but Im too lazy to copy it) tan yoU! :D Can you believe it xD?

      Anyway, Im lad tat you reuploaded some of your resources tou it would be nice to ave tem all ere :]

      And just tis one question - wy lurk around and not be active aain? ;( youre a really ood uy.
    6. Rui
      Hey, send me your Skype ID sometime.
    7. morbent
      O MORBID! Welcome back :D You finally returned your amazin resources (I dont ave / / and / / on te laptop so.. my messae may not contain .. some letters :\)

      edit: Im a bit late arent I? Youve returned from quite a lot of time it seems :(

      add: I still avent fixed my skins xD
    8. Rui
      [23-08-49] Rui: I miss M0rbid :'(

      ?? ='(
    9. RED BARON
      Merry Christmas, just in case you return before Christmas - otherwise have a good new year. :wwink:
    10. Ralle
      Hey M0rbid. How are you doing?
    11. MAF_007
      chetori morbid
      az demo jadid che khabar
    12. Dogzo
    13. morbent
      Hey M0rbid I wish to challenge you. I've never participated in a "Legendary Fight" before and the only person I thought of who hasn't left yet is you :P... I mean the only one who can make icons and skins, etc. Give the Hive your last icon... I see you won't be uploading any resources from now on... After all, why did you delete all your resource? You weren't banned, you resigned... so you shouldn't be hating the Hive man. I understand I3lackdeath though :\... he had... some reasons.
    14. RiotZ
      True, you could probably get a pretty good job in game dev.
    15. Archian
      What new system? You mean the zero tolerance policy and the several banishments (can't say I approve of that, but the decision was made without me). Rest assured, I will return and straighten a few things out.

      And you deleted all your resources? In gods name, why man? That's a loss for so many people :( What are you trying to prove by doing that?

      Also, you can ask me. No worries. But I prefer in a PM ;)
    16. Archian
      Answered your question ;) but please hold your horses until the 18th ;)

      Also, why of all people did you resign? Sorry, I've been on vacation (still are, but had to take time off to deal with some of this that's been going on behind my back)
    17. Misha
      .. are you still around? =/
      talk to me, man, let's not let a stinkin' hive event divide us as friends =/
    18. RiotZ
      It's the only place left for WC3 modding dude.

      Wc3c is dead.
    19. RiotZ
      Well there has to be some where to go before it's rational lol.
    20. Orcnet
      this is unfortunate, I just hope this would wave over soon and return you guys back to the staff team
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    Kirin Tor


    My ressources are available to those who know/ can contact me
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