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  • Please help me going through Firelord at your game, Are you a patrick :p ty
    Hi Conehead, I Hope that you will never return ^^ and insult the good guys.
    nothing i found guy to make my quests and stuff in map...you were too late ...
    i see you need help with spells.....i could be useful if you can be useful with my map?...so wannna help each other?
    In addition to that, the only thing wrong with my map most of the time would only be terrain (For your information, not every type of map genre need a awesome terrain).

    If you check my map, you would notice all the most basic stuff such as description, hotkey and scripting/triggering is at top performance as possible. I don't think you can even find 1 serious bug at any of my map at all. (Errr, don't said major bug. I don't think a minor could be found either)

    Also, don't bother to reply to me. I am tired to explain to a user who does not bother to improve themselves upon being told.
    If they make a bugged resources, they deserve the critism as long as the critism tells them what's wrong with their resources because it was essential to prevent the same thing to happen again. Also, the map maker itself must take the initiative to fix upon being told instead of being a complete idiot that does partically nothing.

    In your case, how many times have you been told to make a decent description and follow the rules? Me, rui and the other map moderator been repeating the same thing to you not less than 3 times and yet you did the same thing again and again.

    Honestly enough, why should I waste my time repeat the same thing to you if you act like a illiterate kids?
    Being a decent map maker are the most basic thing, which you certainly failed to do so. You do not bother to follow the rules, you do not bother to give a proper description, you do not even bother to give a proper hotkey. Do you think your map are worth to be evaluate when you did not bother to fix the most basic stuff?

    Your map has been rejected about 10-20 times, such a amount of rejection already show you a sign that you need to improve. Even if other people make a better job than me in their map, why should I care since it was their map and not my map?
    Those are old map of mine, which are partically created a year ago. If you ever seen the latest map of mine (Check it via the submission date, not update date), you would notice the tremendous improvement compare to my latest work.

    In addition to that, some map are created in rush in order to be done in time for contest. Also, just because I am a map reviewer it doesn't mean I have to be a excellent mapper; I could even be a decent or not even a mapper at all. All I need to do as a reviewer is to give a precise/exact review of what's wrong with a map, nothing else.
    I see some of your maps no way are better than other here at least create someone good if you are a critic
    The moment I seen how your map started at the beginning, I already said it was unacceptable. Want to know why? Just see what happen to your map the moment the game started.

    The object editor does not even been set at decent way. If you think this kind of setup would earn an approval at map section, you got to be kidding.
    Yo I made a new group. Come to my user page in check it out. You belong as us.
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    (Bundle) [highlight](-2)[/highlight] Do not upload your map more than once. Use the Update button above the map's minimap image.
    LOL wow LwO-EdGaRd pornography,bad maps, bad spell, and not paying attention to rules.... go to the rules section plz and when you do and read the rules out to me i will give you positive rep to help get rid of your negative rep. gl
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    (Bundle) [highlight](-3)[/highlight] Again, you did not read the map rules. You cannot upload your resource more than once. Use the Update button above the map's minimap image.
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    (Bundle) [highlight](-1)[/highlight] Make sure you read the resource rules before uploading whatever you're trying to upload. You may not submit maps in languages other than English.
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