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    [SD/Modeling] Militia Pikeman Classic

    Just to clarify I meant a melee Pikeman with the militia model as a base, preferably without the Big Shoulder but if the animations require it that is fine. This will be for a Altered Melee with a new human techtree. Thanks in advance.
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    [SD/Modeling] Militia Pikeman Classic

    Hello, I am looking for a Milita Spearman. Ideally no shield both hands on the spear haven't found any after years of scouring this site, XGm ect.
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    Comment by 'Lurker99' in media 'Seven Kingdoms Meeting'

    Looks Good... you making a campaign or is this a Cinematic?
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    Warcraft 2: Reforged Melee v1.26f

    How goes the SD/classic version?
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    Assorted Farm Buildings

    These are great... any chance you could make a Stables similar to this set. Great Work.
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    How have I not seen this before on this site... looks great.
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    Comment by 'Lurker99' in media 'The Alliance !'

    This looks fun... I love classic lore maps. Did you release it? Also where did you get the footman model?
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    Tyrande Whisperwind

    Did we get the mounted version of this yet? Maybe on a hippogryph! Awesome model either way.
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    [Campaign] The Invasion of Kalimdor: Revamp

    This looks solid... and we don't have a lot of quality remakes of this campaign... lots of the Roc Human. I haven't played a good RoC Orc remake yet, once I get my PC back up and running I look forward to checking out your ideas in action.
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    WotLK- Bolvar Fordragon

    This is the SH!T... another classic.
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    [Campaign] Warcraft 2: The remake

    Hope all involved are keeping healthy... how goes the battle?
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    Unit promotion upgrades idea

    The above are both interesting. Another way to limit them is to have availability be dependant on the size of your army ie you have used 30 food (and therefore created enough units) to warrant a captain. Do you think this could work in an Altered melee without being too micro? (I realize you are...
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    Ujimasa Hojo's Resources Discussion

    Thanks, got it now.
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    Ujimasa Hojo's Resources Discussion

    Where is the Paladin Model that Morphs into a spectral Dreadlord? I though it was on the Struggle For Azeroth Map pack but didn't see it?