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Aug 7, 2009

Awarded Medals 1

Jan 25, 1994 (Age: 26)
    1. BunnyAng
      I think number one is my problem. Ever since i got 1.26a i can't play anything much. Only a few are Kodo tag, melee maps and my project just to name a few. So, what is the patch i need?
    2. WaterKnight
      I have not looked into your code but the features I had seen ingame did not seem to justify low fps. And some visualizations and user interfaces are not as integral, therefore might be replaceable by friendlier options.
    3. Magtheridon96
      Well that's quite a lot to take in O-o

      I recall this happening before while I was writing a spell using CTL. I had to tell Nestharus to comment out a line of code to fix it and worked perfectly after that. While I was reading your visitor message, I thought it would be possible that you were using the older version of CTL without that ninja-update :P

      I'll be sure to notify Nes about this problem.
    4. Magtheridon96
      This is what I call the SMCC (Stupid Market Consumer Complex)
    5. neo_sluf
      Hey lourax i am really interested in your map.. so hows the progress?..and i visit your website why it doesn't have a member?..
    6. Shade Da Scout
      Shade Da Scout
      Damn, don't you have anything better to read?
      Nope, I'm a scout.
    7. kari0003
      Guess what i discovered in your picture albums "Luorax YouTube fiĆ³kja"

      Greetings from Hungary ;)
    8. Anachron
      I loved your last reply to codingmonkey :D
    9. Anachron
      I can understand you. The poll did more result in personal friendship and eye candy than in something else. Your hero was well made in any category but leaks voters.

      I hope next time you will be more lucky!
    10. Anachron
      Yes, you did a pretty good job :)
    11. Anachron
      Wait, what? You wanna tell me you need 1 or 2 days to review 24 heroes and test for bugs and imbalance? (And even compare them and find out mistakes you did?)
    12. Anachron
      I wish I could send your review already :D
      Btw, I already sent Pharaoh_ an email about my finished reviews.
    13. UgoUgo
    14. tobyfat50
      The terrain looks better than the one I did. Congratulations on finding such a awesome terrainer. I think I would do a better job back then if I had more time and made some research.
    15. Lambdadelta
      Yes, that name sounds like it was the hero I played with.

      Balance is something that is quite hard to accomplish. Even with testing, you can trust people to come up with unorthodox builds that aren't expected or intended to completely break your standards of balance :P Or so I imagine that is the case.

      Yeah, I hate full screen things as well. They're too clunky, the command card was the better choice to approach it.

      The modecrafter sounds good :P Adding more customizability isn't bad.
    16. Lambdadelta
      I finally got around to playing your map with my friend the other day. Quite polished. One of the best terrain for an AoS I've seen, so well done on tha :) Gameplay, I can't comment too much on because it's just another AoS to me :P I only played one hero as well, but I can't seem to remember what he was called. Used a Blood Mage as a base model... he had Phase Shift. Completely dominated my friend :P

      The shop feature was actually quite well made once you get to look into it. It even has suggested items, which is quite helpful for new players. A good idea.

      Keep up the good work.
    17. Marcos DAB
      Marcos DAB
      I accept some requests. But unfortunately, often I can't fulfill all requests. Because I do not have much free time continuum.
    18. tobyfat50
    19. tobyfat50
    20. tobyfat50
      I`l do that, hope I have time to upload it tonight.
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    Jan 25, 1994 (Age: 26)
    Current Project:
    [AoS] Invasion in Duskwood [AoS]

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    Northrend (Europe)
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    Kirin Tor
    I was born. I've been living on the Earth for 22 years by now.

    Damn, don't you have anything better to read?

    Programming, music production, PC games and such



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