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    Coolest Legendary

    mine is Warglaive of Azzinoth
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    What's so bad with wow?

    well i quit wow now i made my death knight to 81 and then i got bored this is one of the reason why i played it couse it had over 11 million subscriptions and everyone said it was awesome
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    hm nice
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    Warhammer Online

    so i was thinkin about try out the warhammer online game. I heard it is a good game if you dont compare with wow. but i was wonder what do you guys think about the game? i have not try it yet but i think i will try it, has anyone try it ...
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    He looks realy nice out you should be proud!
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    Warrior PvP video (mine)

    i dont like private servers but yeah seems like you got skillz at level 70 and i guess your on patch 2.4.3?
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    Cool i like it and the name of it ''PlagueDoctor''
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    great skin there
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    What's so bad with wow?

    I play retail wow seems fine for me got a 72 death knight undead but i prefer games like War3 Trial wow is pointless you can't do anything thats why it's boring but i can agree that wow gets boring after a while
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    The SC2 Marine

    you could try make a him hold a sniper maybe?
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    Deathwing in Human Form And Hes Mace Request

    we can change deathwing into a better model? Maybe add some more items i Mean change him into cooler ?
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    Deathwing in Human Form And Hes Mace Request

    Np man be proud you deserve that And for everyone else your welcome to make a Deathwing Model here Hope there is someone who could make deathwing would be interesting to see The mace and Deathwing both together And thanks a again for a amazing mace you maded Chilla_Killa one of the best maces i...
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    Deathwing in Human Form And Hes Mace Request

    God damn ! It looks so awesome you should be proud man!!
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    wow cataclysm? but no warcraft 3 cataclysm

    Well for me starcraft II was a amazing fun and i bet that diablo 3 will be the same i hope. And Evillizard i know that blizzard have been on the warcraft series for a long time but there might be still people out there like me who realy enjoyed the Warcraft III campaigns. Even if they dont make...
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    How long time did this take? i mean like wow..