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Last Activity:
Dec 23, 2012
Mar 21, 2007


User, from Poland

Lukas was last seen:
Dec 23, 2012
    1. SanKakU
      ok well my aos has progressed further, it's still just in designing and testing phases but i've renamed it and recoded a lot of things and i've got a lot more work to do, but lately i'm on a roll...
    2. SanKakU
      hey got a question...who made that ff8 squall model? it's very good there's only one animation on it that i don't like but the size is a bit big but i may or may not use it in a map but i'll want to know who made it so i can put them in the credits.
    3. SanKakU
      yeah so i replied to your message at my profile about TDHT and BFTA (BFTA is a working title for Battle For the Ancients)...it's not even in alpha yet but it looks great so far.

      oh right i remembered you posted the information about the ff characters...cloud and sephiroth i want them to be like the invoker from dota but until i can figure that out designing them is put on hold.
    4. Wizardum
      Hi lukas.
      I'm afraid there are bad news.
      I decided to pause/end all projects I had started until now.
      I also decided to pause on WC3 modding for a while or even forever, that's not determined yet.
      I know you and a lot of people were expecting more from me, but I've never been ready for such a responsability, though I tried really hard.
      I apoligize, but this had to happen, I wasn't capable of holding all this pressure.
      Again, I'm sorry.
    5. Wizardum
    6. Upgrade
      New Gallery :My Models Please Tjek it Out!
    7. Dynasti
      Did you rate my spell 4/5???
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    Kirin Tor
    Heavy metal, Naruto , Guitar
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