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    Drinking Coffee.

    Drinking Coffee.
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    The Last Guardian

    hmm... its been so long since i last played this campaign
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    Just checking out new maps

    Just checking out new maps
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    What is it? XD

    What is it? XD
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    Curse of the Forsaken v3.0.1

    I just came back to the vr. 1.27 and it was on old version. Gome, I rarely check the game versions when time flows quickly
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    La Aventura Desafiante

    Gonna check this out be back in a sec.
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    Survival Army 1.2 AI 1.1a

    And this discussion .. spikes the interest for me to try this map right now. BUT... I need to save my internet data maybe later. Expect a review from me soon! ^_^
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    Tournament of Might and Magic

    Andddd here it is
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    Tournament of Might n Magic
  11. Bugs and Troubles

    Bugs and Troubles

    I dump here screenshots of what I have experienced
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    Tournament of Might and Magic

    vr. 1.31 ( to be exact ) .. and with a invalid license key but hey it still works. Rarely, it crashes in my other maps(campaign,games) still worth mentioning. Yes, i have tried it to three times.
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    Medieval Games SE 1.2b

    Well idk what makes a good map a good map but... for me it is excellent in its own genre. I'm not a map editor but I test(play) a lot of maps here in the site... I saayy let the pros handle it and I play :)
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    Tournament of Might and Magic

    Hello, after downloading this map i don't know if I am winning or not playing right. I choose pitlord as the hero. I have done steps 1-4 and my issue is with number 5 deploying the troops. I have only one gnome and the other troops i spent on step 3 is not appearing when i am now on step 5. And...
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    Medieval Games SE 1.2b

    Well I came back after testing this game. The gameplay is like clash royale and this map executed it 7/10 for me :P I liked the environment and the playing field. Also it can be so much fun like I enjoy castle siege. Lastly, it can be improved in further updates!