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Mar 8, 2019
May 23, 2009
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The Peace Keeper, from behind this screen

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Mar 8, 2019
    1. Misha
      Nexus is a desert oasis city, so, that makes him a bit jungle-ish, with a LOT of plants and trees, where aren't streets and houses :P

      and.. you haven't answered me on the girl and her dog part :P
    2. sacridshadow
      Four little words wouldn't have hurt. "this is a dream." doesn't impede anything you would be leaving for. XD
    3. sacridshadow
      Ah, okay. I think you should've mentioned that in the first post of the dream. Now I'll have to go and edit it, unless we want to add a powerful force into the dream, kindof like a vision or sense, since Sonya does have some of the Archon's powers. XD
    4. sacridshadow
      So, in Elders, is the ball of light thing in a dream? or is it real? I ask because I found a chance for character and plot developtment, and am about to take it. But this dream thing is confusing me. If it's not a dream, is te little girl and her dog supposed to survive the RP, or are you finished with her? My plan would've taken her soul.
    5. Misha
    6. Misha
      you forgot the dog :P (elders)

      EDIT: ..and.. what's the reason for pushing Blade? Oo (naga)
    7. Phoonix
      if they don't read it while there is a new post i think they are not interested in it either.
    8. Misha
    9. Lore-Wolf
      off for 15 days from now.
    10. WherewolfTherewolf
      Well it was supposed to be a netherdragon emoticon, but I think I kinda failed
    11. Misha
      ..now it would be time for Doth's corruption to help him :3
      grow a claw or a scythe :P
    12. Misha
      claw done :3

      now for hammer-like thingie..
      ..still don't have a clue how should that look.. Oo
    13. Zerox
      Nope I forgot too sorry.
    14. M0rbid
      Please remind me to check this out in one month, when I have the time to look at it carefully, I'm very interested ;)
    15. Misha
    16. Misha
      sure.. but first.. rest :3
      and Zuza asking that..
    17. Misha
      i dunno.. O.o
    18. Misha
      ..aaand.. who was that? >:]>

      anyway... what happened with blade teaching Zuza? shouldn't she.. ask.. any time soon? O.o
    19. Misha
      it's not a site xD it's among hive groups xD

      EDIT: oh i get it.. the group description has the link in, but it doesn't show as a link xD
    20. Misha
      that's a group where people post little tiny pictures they made on one site :P

      and sweet :3
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    FPS terrain
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    Northrend (Europe)
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    Blood Knights
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    Friends are like cookies, when you eat them they'll die.
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