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Mar 8, 2019
May 23, 2009
behind this screen


The Peace Keeper, from behind this screen

Lore-Wolf was last seen:
Mar 8, 2019
    1. MasterHaosis
      I did not know, whats that baout you?
      I am fine now, busy with something
    2. MasterHaosis
      hehe hello man, long time no see! How are you?
    3. MasterHaosis
      Lore-Wolf, :cgrin:
    4. Luffy_299
      If you want to download minecraft instead of buying it just say me, i have link for you to download, :D
    5. Misha
      Shopia? wasn't her name Sophia? :P (elders)
    6. Alagremm
      Most of Azeroth is controlled by Trolmanian Empire, which controls all of the northern Eastern Kingdoms and is occupating Kalimdor and Khaz Modan. Concisting of humans, high elves and all the races of the lands captured, it is the most illogical force(except hippies) as all the races including night elves who lived for thousands of years worship the "God Emperor" Trolman without any tries of rebels or uprisings. Also the most overpowered force as you can imagine.

      The rest include Sea Legion(water races), Arathor(humans of Stormwind), Fearless(undead of Northrend) and various merchant players. Also there are many forces created but not controlled by players, such as Chaos forces for example, controlled by VeljkoM, but not being his force.
    7. Alagremm
      Well DSCV is based on DP.

      DP is set in Warcraft universe, on Azeroth and Draenosh, as well as Argus, Gyrotopia, Outland and so on... many of the races in WoW and WCIII are in DP. As for forces...
      My force is the same as in DSCV, Triumvirate, the great alliance of humans, draenei and high elves, and also nether dragons, undead dwarves, grouse(dont ask) and arakkoa.
      It controls the world of Draenosh and Gyrotopia, as well as a small domain in Azeroth. One of the most powerful and influencial forces. Lead by Exarch Alagremm and race leaders. Tleno's force is also the same as in DSCV, he controls TlenoTech that is a company with rights of an autonomic nation in the Triumvirate.
    8. Alagremm
      Nah its dead. But you could join the Daily Peon...
    9. Tleno
      sure. Just wait a bit and I'll be there.
    10. Tleno
      Oh, so anyway, in that terrain that I'll make next, I, those two morons from latest terrain and few more people are scouting the crash site, then those morons run away and spott the zerg.

      SO as I understand now you got characters to come up with. But still, who are you planing to be in my side: Some elite heroish character, leader of some squad or something in my army or maybe a leader of one of planets that will be a part of Tlenus Confederacy?
    11. Tleno
      Well, for that... check the Daily Peon pictures (except for the ones after attack on Storm Warriors 2, that was one of last pre-separation of RPs events).
      Joining me? Okay. I would be glad for you to join me.
      Oh, and talking about that, next DSCV terrain I'm gonna make is about scouting the area after crash landing. The ship will be damaged, some characters injured. It's just that It's based on Daily Peon universe and there are Warcraft fantasy races plus Lizardmen, created by TlenoTech, and now while there are no models for them I got only this reason for them to not show up. Later in Blizzard DOTA there are gonna be some fantasy models.
    12. Tleno
      No need in lots of errains about one thing, unless it's an uber imba awesome plot.
      And yes, you can ask others about their reaction, of course, we ussually amke dialogues only about the most immportant events and not use a lot of terrains at same time. Better ask him what way he would answer or make a terrain and story that would require others to make one terrain and not make whole chains of terains, like a terrain dialogue

      Ctulhu has no SC2 too I think, so he just joined the Stowm Warriors 2. So SW2 is somewhat responsible for plot related to him now.
    13. Tleno
      Yes, I got your point. We already got Ctulhus serving SW2. I began as Alagremm's servant back in Daily Peon times.
      Oh, and.... it would be pleisure if you would join my side. But whatever. It's your choice.
    14. Tleno
      Well, not sure about that. There is none, but you can make a terrain about your character. You know, kinda like those character presentation at SC2 site. You know, some portrait and image of cahracter and a whole biography. You can make something like this if you really care about your characters and stuff...
    15. Tleno
      Sure, it's also somewhat about roleplaying
      I mean, you kind of like... hard to explain. I'm not an explaining guy.

      Well anyway, you kinda like Roleplay in the group, and terrains are like proofs of your actions. Or smething like that. Well, it's like... as I said, hard to explain.
    16. Tleno
      hehe, I think the same about myself.
      Compare amount of my pics with Trolman's, Al's and Veljkom's. That's what was made in whole year of DPing. Look, I made like... well I averagely make like less than 2 terrains in month, while others make more than 4. And I'm still one of the most immportant guys here!
      Plus you can always persuade others to make terrain for you if you are in one event. You know, few news in one pic.

      Plus thrust me, this is a great excerise for your terraining! You'll learn how to terrain faster and better. My terraining eariler was as bad a Blizz cliff earlier, and look at it now!

      Plus you have to make terrains only whe you want, nobody forces you to make them.
    17. Tleno
      You make terrains about all the more or less important events. And well, you make terrain and describe it in any way you like. In any style.
      Like you can check mine, Alagremm's and Veljkom's terrains to see how it works.
    18. Tleno
      It's based on Daily Peon, so there is magic and all that Warcraft stuff.
      Plus we decided that everyone can call all those mental power manipulations whatever they want, like magic casters can call it magic or something, some futuristic terran society - psionics and stuff like that.
    19. Tleno
      Well, it's a Roleplay. It doesn't really have any goals or anything, this would limit the plot, but of course the Group Council members might decide on agreeing on some plot or whatever in which all should partipicaite. Some kind of events like that.

      but the main goal, well, everyone has his own.
    20. Tleno
      Well, do you remember Daily Peon? This is a very similar terraining based RP, which is also somewhat based on Daily Peon story, but in it the techniological limitations and world travel limitations are removed or limited to Helios Sector (a made-up sector close to Korpluru from Starcraft universe), and instead of Warcraft, Starcraft terrains are. Plus I own it and I made some stricter rules that in Daily Peon, so it should be a more serious and fair roleplay.
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    Northrend (Europe)
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    Friends are like cookies, when you eat them they'll die.
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