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    Cave-claw (Lotr)

    I know from which of all LotR games is this from c: anyways, very nice model
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    Orc Doodad Pack (Lotr)

    "Looks like meat's back on the menu, boys!" uh... I mean, excellent props :grin:
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    now I can't even trust houses... c': anyways, very nice model
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    Black Legion General (Re-Classic)

    This model reminds me to Emperor Zephiel from Fire Emblem... nice work :thumbs_up:
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    Market ability

    I didn't know that had to be done... anyways, changes made within the post. Didn't see it as well. Thanks :thumbs_up:
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    Market ability (Map)

    LordHatchet95 presents: Market System v1.0 This market system allows the 4 races to buy or sell lumber in exchange of a fluctuating amount of gold from their main Halls. The more you purchase, the more expensive it becomes. The more you sell, the less amount of gold you receive per sale. This...
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    Market ability (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    I can use this on my mod c: I was about to give up until I found it at the near bottom of the search list. Great job
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    [Altered Melee] Bandit Race (Still needs test)

    sorry about the delay... about that, its a reforged test map I made with SD graphics
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    darn... I know what to use for my custom map c:
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    Damage Engine

    extremely useful, but I ran with an issue... the trigger I used for damage calculations for some reason runs twice, even though I followed your instructions step by step. The issue at least is simple to solve, and gladly it does not end up in an eternal loop... Besides that, excellent tool...
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    RTS project: Age of Conquest

    True... but still, I'm trying to do it like that and for fun xD
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    RTS project: Age of Conquest

    LordHatchet95 presents: Age of Conquest! Age of Conquest is a real time strategy map based on the medieval era, and having armies of up to 200 units. You choose a civilization on start of the map, and work with their tech tree availability, perks, disadvantages and unique units and...
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    Creating a mass unit upgrade like the orc's Berserker Upgrade

    There's a problem... If I use this method on structures, the upgraded structure won't be built at all post upgrade... The building displays at the build menu, and I can give the build order, then the peasant moves to the place and it does absolutely nothing... how to fix that? EDIT: Fixed! I...
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    Resource Spotlight - September 2021

    The dungeoneer pack + a dungeon generator like the one mentioned above would be really nice in a map for D&D