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Mar 24, 2019 at 3:22 PM
Dec 12, 2012

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Mar 24, 2019 at 3:22 PM
    1. edo494
      yea, but I mean when the map loads, and lets say that I downloaded it from internet so my TESH nor JassHelper have any cache of the vJass contents of given file. You/JassHelper must read it from somewhere :D
    2. edo494
      but how you load the vJass files for maps, from that file or you try to reconstruct it? :D
    3. edo494
      Yet another question from me, rather technical this time. You've recreated the TESH, and ive just checked the map archive, and indeed unprotected map has the vJass source in .wct file, but I wonder who is responsible for generating that file, TESH or JassHelper?
    4. edo494
      and btw I forgot to write it in there, I dont want to spam your vm tho :D but I must point this out: You dont stay true to your name. You do not ask for help! :D
    5. edo494
      hey, Im stupid or something, but in your DDS you have integer damageType, but that gets set to CODE only when you call UnitDamageTargetEx right? :D
    6. edo494
      thanks for the reply :D and well yea it would be kind of cumbersome to write something that runs after the damage has been done, that was quite a stupid question eh.

      And who even uses stuff like GetTriggerExecCount :D
    7. edo494
      I saw ResetTrigger in your DDS, what does that even do? :D and regarding your DDS, I have a bit of technical question, when does my function registered to your DDS run? Before the damage is applied, after the damage is applied? Cause you said you can modify amount so that hints that my functions would run before the damage happens, right?

      PS: I am a still laughing at Nes's comments at the first page
    8. edo494
      aaah, thats the key point. I had SFML dynamically linked, that explains all :D
    9. edo494
      may I ask, how did you achieve that? :D I tried searching on internet, but it usually only shows how to compile the libraries and in options there is "Runtime Library", but even if I compile my program with "Multi-Threaded(/MT)", it still requires the runtime library either in the folder or installed
    10. edo494
      hmm...interesting, I didnt know that :D

      I will have to look into it some time
    11. edo494
      "Fixed the problem that VC++ Redistributables where required to use this System"

      if you compiled this with visual studio, how did you make it not require the redistributable dlls?
    12. Cokemonkey11
    13. Quilnez
      okay.. thnks ;)
    14. Quilnez
      what's the disadvantage of deleting this line set hex = S2I(s) in your X2I function?
    15. Quilnez
      can you help me learning vJass? I got some basic questions about vJass. thnks before..
    16. Nestharus

      I'm working on the general JASS syntax that follows the JASS style to the extreme.

      I've run into a problem with how to implement operators like ++.

      An assignment is set var = expression. How would I do something like var++?

      I can't just do var++ as that goes against the jass paradigm. set var++ also goes against it. something like do var++ would be confusing as it would also be applicable to do var = 3, making the set keyword pointless.

      Thanks ^)^.
    17. edo494
      ah yea, I got confused by the postfix expression :D

      but thank you for showing me this, I was doing it a bit worse, I loaded it pretty much the same way, but had to reverse the buffers(so last element becomes first etc) and that was killing performance
    18. Cokemonkey11
      no problem, i hope its not getting annoying :D but i'm using your tesh so I notice a lot of things
    19. edo494
      http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/pastebin.php?id=db29z4 pops even tho I downloaded the mscv120.dll or w/e its called and also copied it into tesh folder. Maybe it will work after reboot, but I cant reboot right now(dad is downloading film right now)

      I will post when I reboot computer

      edit: thx for the postfix-infix stuff, but wont that cause errors if you used values that are more then 1 character long? For instance 11+7, because if you read it as 117+, how you know its 11+7 and not 1+17?
    20. edo494
      hey, its me again :D I saw earlier that you made a Math Parser, so basically parsing 5 + (2 + 3) * 6 into 35(result) and I tried doing something similar in C++ but failed(I got it to do +, -, *, / but not brackets) and I dont think mine way was anywhere near any good(pretty shit imo :D), so I wonder if you could give me some insight of how the Jass one works? :D but only if you have some time to write something like that, I dont want to take your time out of you
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