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Mar 24, 2019 at 3:22 PM
Dec 12, 2012

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looking_for_help was last seen:
Mar 24, 2019 at 3:22 PM
    1. Quilnez
      I'm using JNGP 207 (newest). Does it work?
    2. Quilnez
      // function AddDamageHandler takes code damageHandler returns nothing
      // - Allows you to add a damage handler function to the system. This is not
      // required for GUI users, only for vanilla JASS users. GUI users should
      // use the real variable damageEventTrigger to add damage handlers to this
      // system as explained above.
      The damage handler doesnt work :/

      And I use this function and it's still considered as PHYSICAL, not CODE?
      call UnitDamageTarget(udg_source, u, udg_Wide__a[v] * udg_amount, false, false, Wide__attack(), Wide__damage(), Wide__weapon())
      How can I generate CODE damage anyway?
      Well you should add this function to the API
      function UnitDamageTargetEx takes unit localSource, unit localTarget, real localAmount, boolean attack, boolean ranged, attacktype localAttackType, damagetype localDamageType, weapontype localWeaponType returns boolean
    3. Quilnez
      Meh, don't be worried. me fine too ;)
    4. Quilnez
      Hello, lfh. How's going? :)

      I'm still amazed with your DDS here :o Amazed on how you can say GUI whereas it's actually JASS :p Just kidding
    5. Frotty
      Let's hope so ;)
    6. Frotty
      It won't be in the near future (if at all). Inner classes will make it mostly obsolete.
    7. Frotty
      Well what you call type traits, I call type bounds (as it's called in Java) and as I already mentioned, these would be done using interfaces.
      However interfaces currently are limited to 8191 instances (for all types that implement them) and would therefore not suffice.
    8. Frotty
      function save(T t)

      function add(T t)
      sum += t (error)
    9. Frotty
      Yes, but this only works if you're not using the type param as parameter for functions that do more than that, e.g. saving something in a hashtable (unless proviging the functions or type bounds) or calculating something which would only allow reals and ints.

      For such simple applications generic modules are the way to go.
    10. Frotty
      It is not easy to implement better generics. As peq already said, this would probably need TypeBounds to have a real use, and for TypeBounds, you would use Interfaces.
      But You can only have a maximum of 8k instances of that interface (so all classes that implement it share the same address space).
      This could be changed, but there are 3 ways to do interfaces and each has pros and cons.

      If you have a working idea to implement those template-like generics without close limits feel free to tell me.

      In general, inner classes have higher priority.
      When inner classes are working in modules, there will be iterators für generic modules that unfold the type parameter.
    11. Frotty
      code arrays are not supported by vanilla Jass anyways.
    12. chobibo
      Hello! I tried your TESH, just dropped by to say it's really useful.
    13. edo494
      yea thats really common, Ive wrote the Damage amplifier, and I tabbed some code(a few lines, 4 functions to be correct) because they moved to static if, and the script is like 800-900 lines, and boom good bye 2 seconds wait for the tab to take effect :D

      Thats some real inefficiency :D
    14. edo494
      quetsion time! (I am too annoying, I know :D)

      Your version of TESH lags too with too big script? Because the "original" tesh lags if your scripts climbs to something like 900 lines worth of code
    15. edo494
      well maybe if you could follow user input and also creation and deletion of entire triggers, it could be doable. But you must have some way to catch remove trigger or entire folder and I have no idea if you have such features at your hands.
    16. edo494
      maybe if you could track everything the user writes, you could track the function definitions. Additionally, when the map first loads you would load the script to memory and parse it(only once per map load) and when user copies the whole trigger or section, you woul either check the whole script again, or just the copied parts, if you have any way to do so :D
    17. edo494
      debate time! :D

      You said you read the vJass from the textbox, but that will have to change if you want to write the InteliSense-kind of program(I have no idea how it is properly called), cause you will only be able to highlight functions, classes and stuff from given textbox, which is still useful, but nevertheless limiting. What are your thoughts? :D
    18. edo494
      yea it is most likely thanks to JassHelper, but I mean show me vJass code, even tho when you download the map, it must be compiled, therefore have Jass code in it. That means that there is another file which has the vJass code in it. I just wondered if it was the work of TESH or JassHelper, but seems it is indeed work of JassHelper. Maybe it is even the world editor who generates the file, JassHelper merely populates it. I will have to check the documentation
    19. looking_for_help
    20. edo494
      hmm...example time!! :D

      Suppose I download unprotected map from hiveworkshop, like Cokemonkey's microrunnertd. It has never been in my computer, so neither TESH nor JassHelper can have any cache built for that map somewhere. But when I open the map in editor, the JassHelper(I suppose, since you said you only load it from the Textbox) can still show me. I just wondered if this was done by TESH or JassHelper. But it seems it's JassHelper's work of magic :D
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