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Mar 24, 2019 at 3:22 PM
Dec 12, 2012

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Mar 24, 2019 at 3:22 PM
    1. Dat-C3
      Well melee detection range might have to be increased to something like 200.
    2. Dat-C3
    3. Dat-C3
      Hm, I'm not sure if I understand your suggestion... so you want to make a system that detects whether a damage was melee or ranged, right? How is this going to work? Because I don't know a method that could achieve that...
      I have discovered a method that can achieve it.

      Edit: I'll send you a copy of your DDS map/demo with my code in it.
      Likely won't be for a bit though, somewhat busy currently.
    4. Dat-C3
      I'm glad I managed to spark some interest. =)

      Everyone above beginner level should know this trick, but nobody thought to combine it with a DDS due to either being lazy or just thinking it to be bothersome. Wouldn't it be nice to detect if the unit is actually really melee or ranged? The Booleans might malfunction and return wrong values, though I am still testing that however by using a certain something you can detect if a unit is melee or ranged. For example with the Booleans you could have a melee unit with 500 range.... Don't you think that should count as ranged instead?

      Edit: I will be trying to somehow figure out a method where it doesn't waste a status slot.
    5. Dat-C3
      Hey lfh may I be of assistance to you? I want to help you make the best/ultimate DDS in history of WC3. Which it already is, but it can be even better if you let me make an optional system to go with yours. It requires a slot in the status bar of all units, but that's a small price for what it allows control over.

      I'll tell you all about it if your interested. :thumbs_up:
    6. edo494
      Ive done one more update to the website, backgrond one this time. It seems that it was in fact my problem. When posting stuff to database, I was enclosing the string inside '', and escaping the characters of the string. I didnt read carefully the manual tho, and it says that only if you pass additional flag to it it will encode ', so it was passing it in raw, and it fucked up the query. So I changed every query to the database from using ' to using ", while still escaping the contents, so it should be safe to post now.
    7. edo494
      if you are going to add anything to the issue tracker, copy the contents before posting please. Xonok wrote rather big message and it didnt get send for some reason. I tried to mitigate this, but I cant really overcome shitty hosting. If you feel like it may not post(it has pretty shit delay today, it takes quite some time for anything on the site), just pm me in here, even tho I said to use the website, but I cant insist on using something that is not responding
    8. chobibo
      Looks like a lot of things are fucked up lol, thanks for that parser info dude lol.
    9. edo494
    10. map designer
      map designer
      the thing is, this percentage value depends on the armor. so when i set it, i need to know the armor, no?
    11. edo494
      wasnt wrong before, but I dont mind taking suggestions post-official announcement, but the think is, I covered pretty much everything what he mentioned so far(almost).

      Also this is kind of too public to talk about it, but eh :D doesnt matter
    12. edo494
    13. map designer
      map designer
      im trying to reduce the damage taken similar to hardened skin, but with % depending on the stats of the hero, and with an amount depend on the stats as well. thats for now.

      But I might also have some bonus damage like bash but depending on the attacked unit, and not to all units (say to undead units)
    14. map designer
      map designer
      trying to make a unit that does damage and from your system know the damage after reduction we can calculate the armor or the armor % reduction
    15. map designer
      map designer
      why does it have to do infinite loop?

      isnt it in your system i say "have some chance to reduce if the dmg source isnt the call armor function"?

      also, now i just thought of some tweak to get armor. everytime the hero pick item, or lose or gain buff, we find his armor again. we create some unit that do 1 dmg and calc. the dmg and take the ratio as the reduction and then whatever. and any block will have condition dmg source is not this thing. ofc we heal back or actually set the dmg to zero

      so we have to calc armor everytime it changes. but hard to calc. the armor while we having dmg source isnt it? i think impossible. which makes it now the time to think of another trick for bonus dmg (Actually now i have the thought to maybe just make it pure dmg lol)

      wait I;ve gone too far i think XD
    16. map designer
      map designer
      Ok I found some armor detect system and I will hope it works with your DDS (thats gonna be awsome)

      I havent tried yet
    17. map designer
      map designer
      Hey looking for help.

      why the DDS have to detect dmg after all reductions? isnt that bad? because I think its good with critical strikes but it screws with fixed bonus dmgs doesnt it (and reductions too) (lets say I want bash with your system)?

      on the other hand, not sure if we detect before all the reduction is it going to be perfect or will it screw with something else
    18. sonofjay
      I'm not really familiar with DDS so I wanna ask.

      Can I use your DDS to make a custom evasion/miss effect? If it can would you be so kind to explain me how?


      No need, I tried it and it was actually pretty simple.
    19. stan0033
      dude i have problem with your dds, it won't save the map because it has compile errors, i have newgen. all variables are created with the variable creator, the ids of the item spells are set. it won't save my map because of these compile errors, tell me how you disable this thing so i can save it?
    20. Quilnez
      Have tested it and I liked everything there! Sadly the option hasn't been implemented yet. :( I hope it will use the same configuration file like the previous TESH has. Currently, I got a nice interface and I would be too lazy to re-set them all :(
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