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Mar 24, 2019 at 3:22 PM
Dec 12, 2012

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looking_for_help was last seen:
Mar 24, 2019 at 3:22 PM
    1. edo494
      very good point there :D
    2. edo494
      I didnt respond because I was writing template stuff that would do the same thing as example, but then I failed, because it would include stuff I would really not want to compile(parse ambiguity mostly), but this could technically be done with concepts:

      template <type T, type U>
      concept ContainerValue
      method T.operator[] takes integer returns U

      template <type Container, type U> requries ContainerValue<Container, U>
      function foo takes Container c, U initValue returns nothing


      Also what about the C++ concept as template argument style?

      template <type T>
      concept Printable
      method T.print takes nothing returns nothing

      template <Printable P>
      function f takes P p returns nothing
      call p.print()

      Also just now thinking about having Or-ing in the concepts, so the Printable concept would require EITHER method print OR function Print, something like this

      template <type T>
      concept Printable
      method T.print takes nothing returns nothing
      function Print takes T returns nothing

      ? :D
    3. edo494
      I was thinking about something.

      While there is the "auto" feature, do you think having "result_of" for type be useful?

      Like you could say local result_of(funcCall() + 5) r which would compile to whatever the expression funcCall() + 5 evaluates into(as type)
    4. Malhorne
      Thanks :) !
      It has been uploaded.
    5. Malhorne
    6. Ralle
      Hello looking_for_help,

      How is everything going?
    7. SA Dashie
      SA Dashie
      And he said he doesn't have time atm, huehue.

      Thanks anyway~!
    8. SA Dashie
    9. edo494
    10. edo494
      I may try opening another free host on that hosting server :D see how it goes, and it is fully html based, and all code is in my hands, so there is no problem porting it anywhere basically, as long as it supports PHP
    11. edo494
      well as I said the admins wanted IPs, and Im not going to ask neither give it to them, cause it is very sensitive data. So my only option really is to abandon that website and port it to some other free hosting, or start using pms on hive, because there are only 2 people giving any feedback whatsoever anyways(you and Xonok)
    12. edo494
      so update from the admins, they want IP addresses, hell Im not going to give them that :D fuck them, but there was "service unavailable" today 2 times, so maybe the tinkered with something, if you have some time can you please try posting something smoewhere(anywhere anything), to see if the problem vanished or persists?
    13. edo494
      apparently its not problem related to you. Ive done testing with Shar and my friend and it seems it is doing regional blocking, because neither you nor Shar are Slovakia/Czech based, and my friend and I are both in Slovakia, and me and him can post freely, but neither you nor Shar can post anything, and both of you get the same error message.

      Email already sent, lets see
    14. edo494
      one more thing. The error 403 did appear when? After posting, or when loading the page?(So I know what to ask for)
    15. edo494
      that message is full of bullshit. Its in czech, and it says "Error 403: Access denied. Because of attack on hosting application your IP was blocked", thats BULL.

      I will try to contact the admins of the website and ask them what the actual fuck. Meanwhile, I can post it on your behalf if you want.

      Meanwhile, I will add that the "closest upper scope" is not actually needed now, because if it worked like:

      All upper scoes are visible within your scope.


      library L
      scope S
      function f...

      struct St
      method m takes nothing returns nothing
      call f() //error, nothing called f inside struct S
      call S.f() //OK, call the function just above
    16. StoPCampinGn00b
      Welcome to the crew, matey :pir:
    17. edo494
    18. edo494
      hey, just wanted to let you know I commented on the "scope resolution operator" on the not publically disclosable project on issue tracker with de-facto proposal + example with current vs next-gen(again, if it ever happens :D) behaviour. Some input is very valued, because this is really big design decision, that could change the way the "thingy" will work completly if someone decides to change it mid-way
    19. Dat-C3
    20. Dat-C3
      I gave you both methods, check the comments to see the status slot method.
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