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    Azeroth Anual Gladiator Showdown

    Well, the name is a work in progress. The general idea is 1-6 ppl Fight 30 fights (10 tiers) against trigger controlled bosses. The Tiers Each tier exists of 3 fights. Boss fight one and two are sepparate, while the third one is boss one and two combined. In the third fight, the two...
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    What is the purpose of "Preset: No Unit"?

    will a "no Unit" not lose life?
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    World in Conflict

    Good looking. The game itself (Original) sucked big time, maybe this mod will be bether?
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    Your Stance on Dota

    Dota sux, enough said. Maps with only flat, boring terrain where a random lvl 1 critter spawns randomly is more fun.
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    The hero factory - Submit your ideas for heroes

    <Name>, Unstable Affliction Skill 1: Radioactive Radiation - Deals dmg to nearby enemy units, and increases damage taken on nearby friendy units Skill 2: [Passive] Nucleare Armor -Increases armor rating, and deals damage to attackers. Skill 3:Deadly Radiactive Cloud -The <Name> makes a...
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    Gears of War: Complete RTS tech-tree

    What is "R1/ R2"? Nice concept though... i think :|
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    Total Warfare [Map Idea]

    Updated with new picture*
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    Total Warfare [Map Idea]

    ^^ using an old mouse with those balls (sounds so nasty) is hard, specially i it hangs up all the time, and a second look at that scetch makes me wanna place "NSFW" tag at it. :P But enough about that. (im at Work (lunch), thats why i use a scetch and not a birdview map))
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    Total Warfare [Map Idea]

    The Plot Basicly a Battlefield map (Think LOTR, that fortress-like-ish) Two teams, one is defending their region (the orcs), and the other is for some reason trying to ereas them from the region (Elfs and Humans) Team 1 Human Night-Elf 6 Heroes Night Elfs start to the North,they will...
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    WoW Battlegrounds

    This is an idea i've had in my head for some time now. Team 1 -Humans -Night Elf --6 Players Each player gets to controll one type of unit for.ex: P1: Footmen & Cannoners P2: Treeants P3: night Elf hunters & Glaive Throwers The Night Elfs starts in the North, while Humans in...
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    [WIP] - Bloodvenom Marsh

    *Updated 9, 10, 11, etc
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    [WIP] - Bloodvenom Marsh

    Think about it this way then: They didnt grow in water, the water came along with some cataclysm that changed the region.
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    [WIP] - Bloodvenom Marsh

    There are more behind that then what the eye sees... When i started working on this map, i had in mind that the land is corrupted and altered by demonic pressens, that be why only dead trees are in the water.
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    [WIP] - Bloodvenom Marsh

    The two pcitures of the bridges is not nearly finished, i'm doing the water details last. And, there are multiple areas were the water is deeper, but those places are not ready for a screenshot yet. And for the bridges, yes, they need a tint of green in them, planed to do that at some stage.
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    Belgrath's Secondary Showcase!

    They be a bit messy, but my fave is the one with the house, reminds me somehow of Snow(w)hite and the dorfs ^^