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    DotA Allstars v6.04

    Old school.
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    Escape The Demon Cinematic

    Omgomgomgomgomgomgmomogmog Ahahahahahahahah Awesome Job!
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    Wc3:WoW Open Beta Released!

    anddd how about skill level ups?
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    Wc3:WoW Open Beta Released!

    I must stress the fact that the computer controlled Heroes suck in terms of helping out. Low leveled players should NOT be able to party, as well there should NOT be any enemy heroes out there.
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    {OLD} Wc3:WoW Discussion

    Can you have absolutely NO PARTYING for levels from 1~25 ??... its sort of dumb when they follow you around and leveling for you..
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    Hold up,, YOU DO THE TERRAINING? wtff... and you reply on the forums once/twice per day thats commitment. nice!
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    Website Discussion

    Nice!, can you advertise the site more :P?
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    Zergling model! >:O

    Maybe it has a special upgrade at Tier 3 that can make it fly? or Hop? ... Like instead of a Zerg Mothership, we get a number of crazy (IMBA) upgrades like Necrons in Warhammer40k *cough*Reaper*cough*AssaultMarine*cough*
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    Bug in Demo

    Typing Okay isnt really about laziness. I assume you have played the Azeroth Grand Prix? Imagine the cart choosing in Grand Prix but with lots of heroes to choose from... *mouth waters* haha... black background... rotating unit... floating text... etc. The item class system, do you want it...
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    Bug in Demo

    Okay Sorry you misunderstood me in a few points: Need Help on how to level up/get new abilities - I didnt mean just experience, I was talking about getting a better 'heal' spell or a new earth type of ability to add to my spellbook. There is no noob-friendly help on that at all, does it...
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    Sorry I played it and I posted a Bug topic in this thread
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    Bug in Demo

    Tauren Druid's Heal doesnt work. Bag doesnt work. Need Help on how to level up/get new abilities Need Help order on what to do with herbs/rocks More doodads needed in the (ravine/fields) maps. No item class system... You can take these ideas from say... Final Fantasy Forever or...
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    Will the models (referring to the ugly NE priest) have an update? sorry to the creator of the NE priest in the screenies, but damn shes ugly. lol thats not the point why im here. Will there be a sort of 'mercenary' type of idea that can help players along their way? Well, judging that...
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    The King of Dragons v1.54

    kinda boring... too much running around back and forth, the respawn idea is not up to par with current maps. No custom spells. No innovative way to manage spells. No item builds. No creative items. No item allocation system. Eye candy leads to disappointment (the height, weight of the...
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    [JASS] Creating a 16th player slot

    12 player slots, 1 Neutral Creep, 1 Hostile Creep, 1 Passive Creep slot Is there a way through JASS to create an additional theoretical 16th slot?