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    [Role Playing Game] Carnivores World

    Love the dino models in here mostly the goji
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    Fiona, spotlight, League of Legend

    If a model does that in-game that means it doesnt have a portrait set. Its easy to fix that, adding portrait to a model. Browse the Tutorial section its very easy 👌
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    Fiona, spotlight, League of Legend

    Its Fiora not Fiona 😅 but Dude thanks mate! do you have Talon with same theme skin? And are you gonna include the default skins as well?
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    Kilrogg Deadeye

    Finally! A unique Orc not typical Grom/BM/Thrall face Orc! Thanks @Tauer ! That weapon too 😘👌
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    Dire Troll Tyrant

    The face 👏
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    [SD/Modeling] Can we have Dragons

    Can we have some different dragons for our future maps? I prefer for Classic version Like Got/HotD, The Hobbit/LotR, Reign of Fire style ones. "Wyverns" just like olof's Lindormr Dragon and would love them to have air/ground morphs for cinematics or whatever reason. Fyi. I know the difference...
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    Dual-wielding Pally!
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    Danath Trollbane

    Varian should have that morph ability to, splitting shalamayne 😲
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    I love each version have diff attack/spell animations
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    Heart of Storms: Resurrection

    Hope this could really be done! Im really interested on this mod since i saw the old trailer back then. Stygians, Drows, Kil'jaeden/Eredar w doomlord body and the Puppeteer
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    Elf Sylvanas(reforged)

    Dude can you bring Thalorien dawnseeker/bringer to classic too?
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    Troll Manhunter (Pack)

    Nice redo! Feral predator from Prey movie vibe
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    Zeus Lord of Olympus

    Finally a proper Zeus model! Please bring more Mythological Gods 🙏
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    alexstrasza dragon (dragonflight)

    waiting for Classic compatible version
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    progenitor bot sorceress maw

    Finally many thanks! 🙏 Do you have the non-dominated version too?