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    retarded bot abusers

    he set the start to 7 players because we had a premade team and we were waiting for our last player. ur just pissed because u are not a part of our team.
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    Hunter's Magic Arrow

    The tooltip sais "For every target drained, the caster replenishes 4 Mana." Which means, if there are 2 mobs with mana (for example the 2 Gnoll Mages at the trading route) it should replenish 8 Mana, correct? But it replenishes only 4 Mana if u hit both targets. If I'm totally wrong in...
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    Crusader Items

    i still prefer phoenix. more life and more evasion are imo better for a tank. and ofc style^^ axe looks boring and ugly.
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    D3 duo

    good job, mates!
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Good idea, I rly like it

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Good idea, I rly like it
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    Ultimate item for each class

    Good point, bofu, I like your idea. Since this item should be a very "special" and rare one (good stats and/or special look) it should be very hard to get which means it requires both, good equip and a skilled player with good tactics. The Squire quest is a good example, it also requires...
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    Gaias 1.2 ... and yes, I'm not joking.

    Good conclusion. Yeah, we talked about it ingame and the soulbound stuff sounds good for us. Let's do a poll! I would. Ofc I could play the mage and reload my Cruz if Phoenix drops but this is against my priciples. The only reason why I don't play my mage but my Cruz is that he needs Phoenix...
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    Gaias 1.2 ... and yes, I'm not joking.

    CAPITAIN CAPSLOK + doubleposts + wannabe irony, u mad?^^ Anyway, I dont rly care what ur opinion about my opinion is and for me it's not rly worth to discuss about it. My post was intended to Zwiebel, he said he's gonna change it, that's all I wanted. Deal with it.
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    Gaias 1.2 ... and yes, I'm not joking.

    If you think it's not possible it means it is not possible in general? XD And no, ofc it is not possible to get more than 1 item on your alt if there is 1 load per game. Ur way means that the Lvl 1 char is waiting in town while other players get the items for him. That's another story and it...
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    Gaias 1.2 ... and yes, I'm not joking.

    Repicking to a Lvl 1 char can take only 1 item. That's it. Then you have to save it. And you can't load it again so u can get only 1 item with this abuse method. Still better than 5 items. And who is talking about a code wipe? I said 1.2 codes shall not work in older versions. But not the other...
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    Gaias 1.2 ... and yes, I'm not joking.

    You don't play your alt if you play your main char and pass the items to ur alt. And the "OMG I can't play my favorite hero cuz they need my healz0r bishop" argumentation is bullshit (no offense, hava). If you want to play ur fav char, play him. Some1 else will do the heals. There are enough...
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    Gaias 1.2 ... and yes, I'm not joking.

    Plz remove the possibility to load 2 chars per game. This supports loot abuse. Ppl use to run d3 with their main char and collect stuff for their alternative chars. I've seen rushed lvl 25 Chars full d3 equipped without killing any bosses. I'm pretty sure this was not intended by the makers...
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    If Gaias would have a sixth base class ...

    quoting urself, like a boss
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    @, this pic isnt shopped
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    Pic sais more than 1000 words...