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    I really like it. DC!
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    Great job! This is really useful for chaos orc commander! DC!
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    Applying the skin locked.
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    Actually, this skin not really special for me, since it's lack of variations IMO. However, 1000 people doesn't think so. This should be people choice. Since, there are no people choice, i give you DC. :D
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    Post your skin work in progresses here

    Nice armor werewulf. Add some more lightning and shading on his face and his chest to make it more details.
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    Who finds this odd?

    I think it looks like a Santa holding a gun. LOL
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    .999~ = 1

    There are missing a very small value on that statements, so .999~ = 1. How about this: 1/9 = .11111111111~~~~~~1 8/9 = .88888888888~~~~~~9 -------------------------- + 9/9 = 1.00000000000~~~~~~0 However, counting in floating number is a lil bit inaccurate. That's why we sometimes...
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    Read this topic read carefully Fredalf's post there.
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    .999~ = 1

    Those are the wrong step. This is the fact: 10(x) - x = 9(x) so, 10(.999~) - .999~ != 9 //not equal but 10(.999~) - .999~ = 9(.999~) 9(.999~) = 8,999~ != 9 Then, 1 != .999~
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    Wc3 Image Extractor II Subscript Error?

    Make sure you convert it from 32-bit .tga not 24-bit .tga. If you save your pic with 24-bit .tga, it sometimes encounter problem on converting to .blp.
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    Post your skin work in progresses here

    Try to use soft-rounded brush to smoothen your shading. Also use midtone and highlight mode aswell.
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    Post your skin work in progresses here

    @Ki: Metal armor needs more work, you can see afro's tut for more references. Also his hair look strange for me. @Nasrudin: is it skin for your custom model? what model is it? So far, it looks good.
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    i fell, or never climbed up

    Eyes need more works, they are looked a lil bit lame. Make they look more glary.
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    Post your skin work in progresses here

    @Goliath: Facial skin looks great, but the spikes on his faces seems lil bit weird. You can add some details on his shoulder pad too. @falcoknight: so far it looks great, his body anatomy is very well done. But I think, his face is too streched up down.
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    New DC rules?

    Isn't it moderator's task? And you don't have to download all models, just some models which you think are beautiful, to check whether it has portrait(or just portrait anim) or not.