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  • Have you made changes? ^^

    Idk, I never came to level 5 haha :D im pretty noob in here ^_^

    Yeah, I like the abilites, bring some freshness and variation in game.

    Abilits? Hm.. idk if needed now already but what could be funny maybe is sth like teleport.
    Idea for..
    Singleplayer: when you activate first time you let an indicator on map, when you use 2nd time, you get teleported to the indicator (or to spawn?)
    Multiplayer: you can teleport to an other player, or you can switch position with an other player

    Or you use an "provoke" ability, and all ghosts run to that position then

    Hm for saving idk if it's really needed. Mutliboard maybe, idk, hm.
    Be content, man :)
    At least there are still men stand on your side, give you the best support and comment your map :ogre_hurrhurr:
    Hi, could fix the go-through wall bug I think.

    Idk what was wrong with your ghost trigger at lvl 4-5, but I changed some trigger actions. Hope it will work now with kill ^_^

    Bonus fruits on cliffs might also be fixed.

    Fixed some location leaks.

    Removed LevelIndication trigger. I just set food to level, if there comes a new level. ( no periodic check is needed here :p)

    Idk for terrain :/ .. I mean I know what it should do but idk how it should look like in detail :d. I will ask a m8 mb he knows
    Changed sth, had no bug with wall now. If it randomly comes again tell me.

    Changed moving more to original pacman, that if can not turn into a wall if you run --> if you want to turn into wall, you keep running in same direction.

    Bonus fruits:

    [stable]Or - Any (Conditions) are true
    (Unit-type of (Triggering unit)) == Banana
    (Unit-type of (Triggering unit)) == IceCream
    (Unit-type of (Triggering unit)) == Acorn
    (Unit-type of (Triggering unit)) == Apple
    and then you make
    [stable](Unit-type of (Triggering unit)) == ScaredGhost
    So, no floating text maybe. :p

    If you create fruit:
    Set Point = Random Point in LevelArea
    If (Terrain cliff level at DotLoc[0]) == 2
    Then - Actions
    Unit - Create Fruit At Point
    Custom script: call RemoveLocation(udg_Point)
    Else - Actions
    Custom script: call RemoveLocation(udg_Point)
    Trigger - Run This Trigger without checking conditions
    TerrainCliffLevel can be checked with integer comparrison. 2 is default. So if it is not 2, you remove location and run trigger immedtialy again for next try.

    200-400 seconds is maybe bit too much, so you play ~5 minbefore you see a fruit. Many ppl will die maybe after 3min :D

    Could you please create a Pacman[array] unit variable, that I can refer to pacman with Pacman[0] or Pacman[1] (maybe with "1" is better for u to walk in GUI)

    Because atm I always write "gg_unit_O000_0010" in my code, which is a preset unit. But actually it's MUI alrdy, so its strange :D

    What is bug with "power pallet" exactly? Sorry

    Maybe in some days you can release? \o/
    Sorry was bit busy last days, but now I've started with it.

    Yes it will be no problem to import it to a new version. ;)

    I have few questions:

    1. Does the pacman you will import have a move animation? Or it should be moved without animation? (or blademaster stays?)

    2. For how many plaers it should be? Just that I dont make unnecessary bigger loops.

    3. Do you want the pacman be able to go diagonals? (in original one it's impossible I think, but idk if you had a new idea)

    4. Idk how you wanna menage it, but I would need a unit[array] variable for the heroes (pacmans), for movement system. (I know you will do later but just wanted note :csmile: .. because atm I can only refer to blademaster which is alrdy on map )

    And a short tip: If the dots are not normal units, but buildings you can place them very smooth on map without difference of x/y coordinates.
    Pacman, wow. Definitely an old game but enjoyable to play, will play it now. Looking forward to it's release.
    Yes, that's how TLI actually review, next time, if he pointed some bad points, you are free to defend it, not actually that you are restricted but make sure it's in a proper tone next time. Actually all of your posts are in proper tone except for the last one so I deleted that and any things connected to it for it'll not make sense if I only remove the last part.

    And we got to admit, that TLI did only pointed out the bad points and not the good points.

    Do not worry, I understand both sides.
    Well, you should have responded to his criticism wisely, seriously and fair because seeing your last reply to him, it seems you are aiming to insult him by comparing things such as rep and post count with him which is not nice.

    You cannot actually say that a user is helpful if he has high rep or high post count nor posts shit if he writes wall of text which does not fit your taste.

    Anyway, I agreed to everyone who said that terrain could be improved. To be honest it seems quite rushed and let us just accept the fact that it really needs some improvements from you. Never deny any form of improvements from everybody, your template is not only a template for systems and such but for a melee map as well and so, you are required to make it as great as it can be to be of a great example to everybody, that's why it's call a template.
    Ok your ideas sounds fun. You alrdy made many thoughts about it. ;)

    Do you want order pacman with mouse clicks or with arrow keys? I can trigger how you like.

    If move unit instantly does not work with buff, then I trigger abilities like slow/invul, its np.

    Or maybe I might use JASS for it, or custom script, because there is a function "SetUnitX" "SetUnitY" which works faster than "Move unit instantly" and I think this also might work together with buffs.
    I think Choplifter should be published! ^^ But that are these bugs?

    Sounds really like a cool random, dude. You know our community is very active atm and we produce a lot of new maps, and we just talked about that we would need more ice tiles..

    And now you offer to create some, that would be reallllly cool for us. I will think about it and send you a bit more detailed request. ( I think 2 terrain tiles we need, if its not too much work)

    For movement system: Move unit instantly does not allow buffs? But im quite sure it wont be a problem , I think I made 100000 movement systems now :d

    Sorry didnt read your deam sequence in detail, because of lack of time. I will answer for this later. Good eve, Sir! :csmile:
    Me like Mode 1 most ;D

    Think noone would like to be banshee maybe :s

    Yop, bo can help with triggering, and make movement system!

    Colour of banshee could be indicator for something. For their speed or something like that. And maybe they also could change colour and speed randomly during the game.

    I like the tile. Do you create terrain tiles?.. and not that I misunderstood you, you offered to create a new terrain tile for ice escape? ;)
    Yo they are judging it more as normal melee map than a template.

    Your template looks good, very fitting models there for level.

    For me banshee looks best as ghost, btw. :)
    Yes, downloaded it, but somehow cant play it. Same problem I have with Flappy Birds.

    I dont know but wc3 freezes at loading and I have to close wc3. But now Im sure its my problem because other one could play it, but not me.

    I checked it in editor. It looks very cool in general. What I think could be bit better is terraining in some parts, with combination of tiles :)
    Ve played it but, there is only one race map and there could be cooler features.

    Yeah why not, more game are general cool, but u wont make pacman anymore?
    Yo, I've seen it but havent tested it yet.

    Hm....Im missing a good mario kart map. I started a similar project some time ago, also with different height levels but never finished it.

    Tetris, Snake, Connect 4 ... and as mentioned alrdy cool race maps :d
    Btw, are ground units able to walk on this alpha tile?

    Yo your terrain trigger should work. Maybe it's a bit to costly because pick each unit in map each 0.03 seconds.

    Maybe it does lag a bit with too many units, idk.. if yes you could optimize with:

    A unit enters Map --> If TriggeringUnit == GroundUnit then --> Add TriggeringUnit to UnitGroup

    And then you have never to re-create or destroy this unitgroup, because there are exactly only those units in group which you need to check.

    If it still would lag, you can decrease thme periodic check time.

    You have a location leak, "Position of PickedUnit" does leak.

    Idk for fog of war, maybe you could create huge regions on alpha tile, and then disable fog of war at all these regions.

    Or if it's easier, disable it for entire map, and then enable it again for non-alpha tile region. :s
    With terrain triggers I know some, yo.. but nothing about working with shadows with alpha tile. :s

    Me personally also wanted to use it in my jump & run, but never tryed it, and have 0 experience with it.

    But it really looks, cool.
    Looks very cool, what kind of map will it be? it much work with sky and so on?
    Ah I think I wrote a bit wrong, by ability I meant a triggered ability (projectile system).

    Ability would be only sth like auto-cast sth like shockwave, with new model (shockwave is bad example because it has terrain deformation included a bit, but something like this)

    And movement system does not prevent any attack I guess, will be no problem.
    Ah ok, yes I think Maker is right. I also don't know an other reason.

    Projectile system I would say like maybe ... hmmm: Set unit attack damage to 0 --> trigger:
    If unit attacks: Create a projectile (unit) at attacker position, and move it per trigger to attacked pstion.
    Then if hero is still there and is near projectile, projectile gets removed and hero gets damage.

    I think it needs some effort and could work as you want. But any other solution would be eaiser I guess :s
    Yes with spells it can be done, I think. Sorry I don't know the ancient protectors. What is homing?^^

    I've got maybe only one idea - basicly you want it be like the attack from cannon tower by humans for example, or? It shoots at your position and you can avoid. You can copy the data in object editor of it's attack to your unit. Or just compare them andmaybe you see what is the reason for this kind of attack.
    I think you can't trigger it, if it's normal attack.

    If thats possible it's probably sth in object editor in the attack of the unit, but sorry I have no experience in these things.

    I doubt you can do it a "not miss" at launch and a "miss" later. Idk, cant help you.
    Yo will work I guess.. I think changing only alliance is slightly more efficient, but that really does not matter at all.

    Of what kind of missles do we talk? Normal attack or custom attacks?

    Also what does this exactly mean with:

    the missile will do damage even if it misses by a great distance.
    Hm then maybe it would be really not bad if you put all "only ground attacker" together to one specific player and then change alliance only with this script.

    You can also do it your way, I also thinked of that, but then nobody can really attack you when flying.

    What ever choose most fitting one and let me know again if you want :)
    Ok seems like I was wrong :d I could not solve this 'attack chopper on ground' problem with a clear way :s

    But if you give the zombies to a specific player you could solve it like this: (tested it)

    Chopper lands --> make ZombiePlayer treat Player(0) as passive --> he wont attack you, but you still treat him as enemy.
    Custom script: call SetPlayerAlliance(Player(1), Player(0), ALLIANCE_PASSIVE, false)

    Chopper lifts --> make him treat player(0) as enemy again
    Custom script: call SetPlayerAlliance(Player(1), Player(0), ALLIANCE_PASSIVE, true)

    If it irritates you that I use Player(0) for red:
    Player(0) = Red
    Player(1) = Blue
    Player(2) = Teal
    ... and so on

    So in this case Player(1), blue, should be the owner of all zombies... and note that only use blue for units then, who should not attack flying chopper.

    Thanks for positive comment at by map, and I tryed to implement your table suggestion, but somehow it shrinks my presentation :s
    It only uses ~half of side for the table, so I would have to scroll right to see entire one.
    I know these crystals, they look really cool! .. You can make some of them very big and put unit models inside, so they look frozen :p

    Hm I'm sure there is a way without model change for vulnerability, I will try tomorrow/ or next day.

    Btw, I uploaded today my Master of All Classes in map section :csmile:
    Yes sounds good with the ice idea... no heven't seen the models it :s but will take a look soon :)

    Yeah there should be a boss, maybe a huge giant zombie? :DD idk

    To your question to make chopper vulnerable, you can simple try to add unit-classification "land unit" via trigger when it lands, and then remove it when it lifts again. (did not test, but should work)

    Hm.. if you really want to make restart functions I would do like:

    Create a seperate trigger, which only handles these reconstructions.
    Most easiest would maybe be to have one specific player for all these towers/people that you want re-cosntruct. (lets say Player 2 for example now)
    Then you can simple remove all units by Player 2 without any checks for heal or amount of living units, and create new ones at default positions.

    That's is not the best way, because it may remove units senseless and replace them by exactly the same... but it's maybe easiest way.

    So you would only need to run this one trigger whenever level gets (re-) started.
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