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    W3Protect - Jass and Lua map optimizer

    I tried to run the old w3p because the website could not analyze my map. In the command line it says "Invalid escape sequence: b" and I indeed have a string "\b". This happens when checking "Obfuscate Script". I don't know if this was fixed for the website version, but could be the same...
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    Better Triggers (Binary)

    Better Triggers is a custom, standalone trigger editor for Warcraft III: Reforged. It expands with new features and aims to improve the overall user experience for both GUI users and scripters. To support the new features this editor does not bundle trigger data (.wtg) with your map, but saves...
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    Better Triggers (Binary)

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    Warcraft III: Reforged PTR – Version 1.33.0 Also the editor crashes when loading my map in SD mode.
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    Warcraft Image Lab

    It only applies icon filters to images that are already 256x256 (I should probably change that). Have you tried to resize, export and then import the exported image?
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    New Job Opening at Blizzard: Lead Designer Warcraft (First Reforged mention in months!)

    Looks like the position got filled already. The article has been taken down.
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    Frost Giant RTS Editor Plans & Feedback

    I would love to see the lobby browser show all open lobbies from all regions. Currently, both in Warcraft III and StarCraft II, you only see lobbies from the region you selected when you launched the client. It limits the visibility of available games and is overall a bad user experience once...
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    [Lua] Units are created with different handles

    I need to clarify that the entire thread is very misleading, since I now know there’s no problem with handle ids varying across clients when the map is set to Lua mode, so long as the ids still point to the same game objects. I never solved my desync issues though, so I ended up remaking all...
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    W3Protect - Jass and Lua map optimizer

    Found something that may be useful to you. The tool was stuck at parsing my map's script, and running it in the terminal gave me this error message: I guess the parser's integer limit is set lower than what the world editor accepts. EDIT: After lowering this number to something less...
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    [Daring proposal] Rename the Hive's "skin" concept

    The confusion is related to mapmakers making use of the new “skin” functionality in the editor. This functionality alters multiple things on a unit that are non-essential to gameplay, like the model, soundset, projectile appearance (on ranged attacks) and probably more things… not only the...
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    Warcraft Image Lab

    It does not. You can use BLP Lab or Imperial BLP to convert to BLP.
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    Button Manager v1.8.2

    This tool is old. Use this tool instead if you want .dds support.
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    [Solved] Cinematic Triggers

    You need to pick all players and shake the camera for picked player. Matching player does not work in this case.
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    Direct Strike Reforged - Open Source

    I think it's about time I post a version of Direct Strike Reforged that is open to edit. I realise there's a community that loves the map and I'm very proud of that, but the fact is I simply lack the time to keep balancing things left and right and keep up with broken metas. This is why I'm...
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    Warcraft Image Lab

    Hi there. I need to dedicate my time elsewhere, which means I consider this tool finished. I will only update the tool if people find bugs. I suspect you're attempting to convert your entire map folder using the tool, and that is the wrong way to go about it. The type of DDS compression should...