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    Ogre drudge

    The Gorian Empire: The Beginning.
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    Bloodbeasts Clan

    An interesting analogue for the Wolf Riders. Ranged and raid only.))
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    King Terenas Menethil II Remake

    The model is good, there are no unnecessary animations. Everything is generally fine.
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    Female Fel Orc

    When you got bored of riding the nether drake and you went to hack enemies yourself.
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    Goblin rogue

    You tried, I see. But the animations look very broken, as if a dummy is being moved or a puppet. But the model itself is good, so it's 4 *.
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    Darius Crowley Worgen Form

    The model looks cool. However, I am alarmed by animations, which, for good, are not needed. For example Animation of victory.
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    Wild Worgen

    Cover it with wool. He is cold.
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    Light Trooper

    Looks cool, but the attack animation suffers.
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    Villager Girls Re-Reforged

    Azeroth will become even more alive ... Well, for the time being.
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    Mur'gul Reaver Red (request)

    Red is never bad.
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    Fel Orc - Slayer

    Your destructive thirst will lead you to death ... But until then, your enemies will fear you. This model is amazing, both for the hero of the MOBA map, and for some brutal boss.
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    Anduin Llane Wrynn Reforged

    How long has Anduin been using the Scissors?
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    Defias pirate

    The interest in Hearthstone cards continues. I love this movement. Curious what else the modeling community is capable of.
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    Altar of the Dark Lady

    Good model. Worthy of 5 stars.
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    Lor'themar Theron is represented as a blademaster of the blood elf race. For a regular model, this is an average 4, but only because the model itself is made with high quality. Now I would like to touch upon the correspondences and my criticisms. 1. The model has unnecessary rack animations that...