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Last Activity:
Jul 6, 2017
Nov 12, 2012
Mechanical adjustor (Metalurgic)


I am in mourning, from Brazil

Laercio was last seen:
Jul 6, 2017
    1. Forsaken
      Oooi, realmente faz mto tempo kkk como vc vai?
    2. StoPCampinGn00b
    3. Forsaken
      I miss u :/
    4. Felipe Gormadoc
      Felipe Gormadoc
      Gostaria de participar de um projeto?
    5. Felipe Gormadoc
      Felipe Gormadoc
      Voca usa garena tambem amigo? ^^
    6. Sliph-M
      hey, valeu pelo voto, realmente vai ajudar :)
    7. Razosh
      Thank you, that lightened my day.
    8. Forsaken
      Story of the High Elves, hehe espero que goste do thread :)
    9. Doomlord
      You need to save the map first before you test it. That is how vJASS works.

      Oh and Wc3 take you to the main screen when you attempt to test, right?

      The project looks decent. I wish you the best of luck with it :)
    10. Doomlord
      So, how is it going?
    11. Doomlord
      You have to open it with JNGP I guess? vJASS is not supported by normal WE after all so the triggers will be disabled.

      And no, nobody ever looks stupid for asking a perfectly legitimate question.
    12. Doomlord

      I have finished the spell.

      Please read the Shield library documentation again if you notice how the shield doesn't behave like the one in DotA. It is because the mechanics is quite different :P

      Btw, I went ahead and added a bit of missile effect to the spell. Hope you won't mind :]
    13. Doomlord
      Glad I could help :)
    14. Doomlord
      Hi. I am using a VM because it is more direct than posting imo.

      BTW, it would be interesting if there was a floating text appearing in the caster's head each time he is attacked, displaying the remaining value of the shield, if it is not to ask to much :P

      As you can see, the library doesn't support a way to do so :P

      I am really sorry but that cannot be done.
    15. Losam
      Caro Laercio, tenho umas sugestões para o seu recurso (Death Grip) que depois passerei as mesmas.
    16. Losam
      Obrigado. Foi o RED BARON que fez. É que meu título é Chefe Guerreiro do Clã dos Lunáticos. Por isso do avatar doidão.
    17. General Frank
      General Frank
      Please do not spread rep on me.
    18. Maker

      I'm on a vacation right now and don't have access to the editor, so I'm unable to check the spell.

      You can do this with the key:
      Custom script : set udg_integerVariable = GetHandleId(udg_unitVariable)

      Then you can use the integer variable as a key in the hashtable line.
    19. Forsaken
    20. Maker
      -The looping trigger should be initially off and turned off when there is nothing to loop
      -You leak locations in the cast trigger
      -It is not MUI, store effects into hashtable
      -Don't load stuff if you don't need it
      -You set a location variable before moving a unit in DG Loop
      -Use 0.03 instead of 0.04 for smoother effect
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  • About

    Mechanical adjustor (Metalurgic)
    Current Project:
    Tides of War:

    Forsaken's campaign (I'm helping him a little)

    Tides of Darkness:

    A series of campaigns based in the Era of the Second War (Warcraft 2)
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    High Elf
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Kirin Tor
    I'm just an average guy who works alot.
    I'm a happy person. I have a beautiful wife, and I like playing (and moding) Warcraft 3.

    Music, Games, everything that makes me fell good...
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