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  • Hey Lacks, not quite sure if you're gone but here, :)
    The time has come to save the PRS from inactivity!
    We encourage others to help return the group to its glory.
    You received this message if you're an at least semi-active
    user who happens to be in the group.

    Long live the Pinoy Resources Society!
    hey, you're new here huh anyway welcome to THW. I am looking forward to see your skills :)
    The map reviewers are in need of you! The group has been very inactive for the last 2 months and I would like to see you back into action in the maps section and help moderators like myself to speed up the process of moderation.

    Thanks in advance.
    Through many minutes of observing, I have determined that your avatar is awesome, and I've no idea where it is from.
    There is no key in Sentinel version. To make the Hel Bear invulnerable, approach the lone Druid of the Claw in Astranaar.
    Hey Lacky, I added a poll to my map and I'm currently the only one who has voted. Can you vote too? Thanks.
    Juz Removing Em... Since It's Not Use After All XD
    And Some is like my Super Old Model
    Yeah you should. The Player Initialize trigger assigns which is the host player and add an event that if the host player typed the game mode.
    The only way to understand is to read the tutorial. Example, typing |cffff0000Player 1|r results to Player 1
    Pudge Hook Wars v2.7 AI BETA

    It still has a few bugs but I already told you that I will upload it on monday. Don't wanna "talkshit" (you get this if you are pinoy) you.
    I'm still at school but when I get home, I will replace a few icons and upload it immediately. Estimated upload time is about 5:00 pm to 5:30 pm. Feel no pressure Lacky.
    Thanks. I already have regular class tomorrow and the upload date will fall behind schedule if it wasn't for Beta Testers like you.
    It's ok. I may upload it on monday and you are free when to play it. Don't feel obligated. Just play it when you have free time.
    Well in my map they are all enemies to each other by default so nothing will be done upon typing ffa mode. It has something to do with WE's player properties.
    Sorry for the delayed reply ol' chap.
    In this trigger, assuming player 1 is host player,

    Player - Player 1 (Red) types a chat message containing -ffa as a substring
    Substring((Entered chat string), 1, 5)) Equal to -ffa <-- so that typing "1234-ffa1234" will not work
    Set killNeededToWin = Integer((Substring((Entered chat string), 6, (Length of (Entered chat string)))

    so when player typed -ffa 34 then killNeededToWin = 34.

    In Team Death Match Mode, to make the players treat each other allies, you can use this

    For each (Integer A) from 1 to 6
    Loop - Actions
    For each (Integer B) from 1 to 6
    Loop - Actions
    Player - Make (Player(Integer A)) treat (Player(Integer B)) as an Ally with shared vision
    For each (Integer A) from 7 to 12
    Loop - Actions
    For each (Integer B) from 7 to 12
    Loop - Actions
    Player - Make (Player(Integer A)) treat (Player(Integer B)) as an Ally with shared vision

    this makes players 1 to 6 treat each other allies and players 7 to 12 also treat each other allies.
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